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Odd news from around the world

Woman declared dead after being mowed down by police car ‘comes back to life’ an hour later as she is put in body bag: “A woman who was declared dead after being run down by a police car in Russia has baffled medics after appearing to come back to life. The victim had been hit by a patrol van travelling at high speed, as she tried to run across a four lane motorway near Moscow. Paramedics who arrived at the scene declared her dead, after she suffered multiple injuries in the crash. She was placed in a black plastic body bag while police officers cleared the traffic jams. But a whole hour after the crash, astonished police officers heard sounds coming from inside the bag, and noticed that it was beginning to move again. When officers removed the bag, they could see the ‘dead’ woman inside gasping for breath and moaning for help. Health officials said she is now recovering in a hospital intensive care unit, with ‘serious and complicated injuries’ to the base of her skull and multiple fractures”.

A gas explosion obliterated a detached home ‘like a bomb had been dropped’ killing the 63-year-old father-of-one inside and damaging 12 other houses: “This is the rubbled remains of a suburban house decimated in a suspected gas explosion that killed the 63-year-old owner inside and damaged more than a dozen more properties. The victim, named by neighbours as Paul Wilmott, a father-of-one and videographer at Leeds Beckett University, is believed to have been getting ready for work when his house in Haxby, a suburb of York, was razed to the ground at 7.30am this morning. Aerial photographs show how the detached house was obliterated as if ‘a bomb had been dropped on it’. Properties surrounding the levelled home had their windows blown out, roofs smashed and garages destroyed while debris from the blast was thrown onto streets more than 400 metres away.”

Charge your phone in five minutes: ‘World’s fastest’ battery: “Forget waiting hours for your phone to charge – a new miniature pocket-charger claims to be able to charge an iPhone 6 from totally flat to 100 per cent in just five minutes. According to its makers, the ASAP Dash charges 16 times faster than standard portable chargers and boasts a battery life that lasts up to four times longer. It was the result of more than 14 months of work alongside tech and manufacturing experts in China. The superfast charger was invented by Vinson Leow and his colleagues in Sydney. ‘You can charge the portable battery with enough energy to charge your iPhone 5 in only five minutes – or three charges in 15 minutes. This means the ASAP Dash itself can be charged superfast, but will still take your phone the same amount of time to fully charge. Levi said that ASAP Dash is unlikely to damage phones because ‘at the end of the day, the ASAP Dash is essentially a portable battery with rapid charging built-in – nothing more.’

Kid learns that you can’t have your cake and let the dog eat it too: “This is the hilarious moment baby Brycie feeds his rice puff to his dog and bursts into tears when the animal eats them. The boy is handed the snacks by his mother before he holds out his hand to feed the dog. But the baby is shocked when the dog, called Roxy, eats them out of his hand. After the dog ate Brycie’s snack, he wept – and the same thing happened on three separate occasions. The final bite was a step too far and Brycie crawls away crying to his mother.

Firefall in Yosemite: “Photographers around the world flocked to Yosemite National Park in California this week to catch the incredible natural phenomenon known as Firefall. While pictures look as if glowing hot lava is spilling over the top of the vertical rock formation known as El Capitan, the rare event is actually caused when the setting sun is reflected off Horsetail Falls. Each February, the setting sun lines up at just the right angle with the waterfall. But the phenomenon also requires weather conditions to be just so. There has to be enough snow gathered at the top in February. Then, temperatures have to be warm enough for the snow to melt and fall 1,570 feet down the eastern face of the rock formation during the brief window of time the sun is in position. The sky has to be clear as well, since any clouds or precipitation would prevent the sunlight from bouncing off the water. It’s been several years since Firefall has made its return, especially due to recent droughts”

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