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Odd news from around the world

British government medicine at work again: “A man who had a testicle removed instead of a cyst is one victim of the hundreds of “never events” which take place in the NHS each year, new figures reveal. More than 1,100 patients have suffered from errors so serious they should never happen in England’s hospitals over the past four years. The “never events” also include a woman having her fallopian tubes removed instead of her appendix, the wrong hips, legs, eyes and knees being operated on, and diabetic patients not being given insulin. More than 400 people have suffered due to “wrong site surgery”, while more than 420 have also had “foreign objects” left inside them after operations – including gauzes, swabs, drill guides, scalpel blades and needles. In one case, a man had a testicle removed instead of just the cyst on it, while a woman had a kidney removed instead of an ovary. One patient had a biopsy taken from their liver instead of their pancreas.”

The most romantic flower garden in the world: “One husband in Japan has spent a decade creating a landscape of pink blooms to cheer up his wife after she went blind. Toshiyuki Kuroki and his wife Yasuko, from Miyazaki Prefecture, had been married for 30 years when Mrs Kuroki began having problems with her sight. Within a week, she had gone blind, suffering from complications relating to her diabetes. One day, Mr Kuroki noticed passersby admiring their small garden, which was filled with bright pink shibazakura flowers, also known as moss phlox. He thought that if he planted more blooms, more people would come to see them and would help to keep his lonely wife company. And so he quit his dairy farm and started work on creating a carpet of the pink flowers, surrounding their house and creating a striking and beautiful landscape.

World’s cheapest smartphone crashes site: “A LITTLE-known Indian company launched a smartphone believed to be the cheapest in the world on Wednesday, targeting a market already dominated by low-cost handsets. Priced at 251 rupees ($5.15), domestic handset maker Ringing Bells’ Freedom 251 smartphone costs less than one per cent of the price of the latest Apple iPhone. It has a 10cm display, one GB of ram, eight GB worth of internal memory and a dual-SIM option. It also comes with a 3.2 megapixel rear camera and a 0.3 megapixel front camera, while popular apps like Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp come pre-loaded. Agro-commodity trading company Ringing Bells was set up in September 2015 and began selling mobile phones via its website a few weeks ago under its Bell brand, a spokeswoman said. Customer demand for the $5 smartphone was so high that the company’s website promptly crashed hours after the model went on sale, forcing them to stop accepting orders”

Storage breakthrough could record EVERYTHING humans have created and save it for for billions of years: “Tiny, nanostructured glass disks could create data archives that outlive the human race. These ‘eternal’ storage systems, developed by scientists at the University of Southampton, harness five-dimensional digital data that could survive for billions of years. Dubbed the ‘Superman memory crystal,’ the technique has already recorded major historical documents like the Magna Carta and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, using lasers to etch 5-D data into the glass. Each ‘memory crystal’ has 360 TB/disc data capacity, and thermal stability up to 1,000 degrees Celsius. At 190 degrees, the storage systems can survive 13.8 billion years. And, if stored at room temperature, these disks are essentially immortal. Researchers from the University’s Optoelectronics Research Centre use femtosecond – ultrafast – laser writing to produce the recordings.”

Relaxed lizards: “Hollywood may be full of stars, but it’s the chillest lizards in town that are stealing all the spotlight. Their names are Baby Love and Buddy Love and like any other celebrity they can be found soaking up the California sun at an outdoor cafe on any average day. Veterans of the fame game, the two iguanas are totally calm as fan after fan pulls out their iPhone to snap a picture as they relax on their custom purple lounge chairs sitting right there on the table. Baby Love and Buddy Love’s incredible calm isn’t achieved with any tricks, restraints or promise of treats, according to owner Henry Lizardlover née Schifberg. They’re not even fazed when their owner rotates their chairs, continuing to sprawl their legs out and lie their head on their hands. With sometimes as many as 50 in his house at one time, Henry said he soon realized that once lizards feel comfortable in a environment they begin to develop a human-like trust in it.”

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