Why training is important

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Odd news from around the world

A desert blooms: “Death Valley is famous for steady droughts and record high temperatures, but right now it’s sprouting green stalks, purple blossoms and yellow flowers. Thanks to a ‘perfect storm’ of conditions, this barren landscape is gearing up for a rare ‘superbloom’. Flowers and vegetation began poking out of the ground in early January, as a result of excessive rainfall brought by El Niño last fall. ‘It’s very rare to have a good bloom in Death Valley,’ said Death Valley National Park Ranger, Alan Van Valkenburg, in a YouTube video. ‘You’ll always get flowers somewhere in Death Valley, almost every month on the year.’ ‘But to have a big bloom like this, which we hope will become a superbloom, is beyond all of our expectations. ‘So Death Valley really goes from being a valley of death, to a valley of life, but it is so brief.’ The bloom is still limited to just the south eastern area of the park”

Can a dog look embarrassed? This one can: “A dog owner who returned home to find his American bulldog had destroyed his kitchen door posted a hilarious picture of the aftermath online – before revealing he then got rid of the pet. Craig Sloan, from Pollok, Glasgow, posted a picture on Facebook which showed Hugo the American bulldog looking shamefaced and surrounded by the wreckage after gnawing and ruining the door. But Mr Sloan has now been criticised after revealing he then returned the brown and white dog to the man he bought him off as Hugo is ‘too wild’. He claims Hugo was left alone for just an hour when he attended a hospital appointment and in that time the two-year-old managed to completely to tear off one side of the door. He added that Hugo’s kitchen-destroying antics were the final straw and the dog had been given back to the man who sold him.”

Wanted thief leaves handwritten note to police on his door telling them to ‘just call me’: “An alleged thief conscientiously left a handwritten note for police urging them to give him a call so they can ‘sort whatever out’. Officers working for West Midlands Police tweeted a picture of the message they found taped to a door, saying their persistence in tracing the individual appeared to have paid off. The suspect also left a name and contact telephone number, which were both redacted in the image posted to Twitter. In the note, its writer stated they would like ‘to meet you [the police officers], like before, OK? A friend in the street said you had been (officers, anyway). ‘Ok – call me and I will come down and sort whatever out!! After I finish work is best. ‘So ye, just call me. Thanks.'”

The great corset comeback: “The corset is back. Sales of the waist-whittlers are on the increase on the High Street, even at M&S. The proliferation of costume dramas, such as War And Peace, is partly to blame – even if the actress who played its heroine, Lily James, said she couldn’t wait to ditch the corsets she wore for period roles and slip into a tracksuit. Waist training – where you wear tighter and tighter undergarments to cinch in your middle permanently – is now de rigueur among certain celebs who proudly tweet about it. Regardless of the engineering, the result will be the same for today’s woman as it was for a Victorian wife: purgatorial discomfort, which can pose serious dangers to your health.”

The cat that acts like a HUSKY!: “When most people think of animals capable of pulling a human through snow they immediately consider the husky. But a cat from Norway has set out to prove that felines are just as accomplished when it comes to extreme winter sports. The cat in question is three-year-old Jesper who enjoys nothing more than taking the strain and ferrying his owner through winter wonderlands. Unlike other cats, who will not even humour the idea of wearing a collar and harness, Jesper appears quite content while on the lead. Captured on camera, the feline runs along a track in the snow while pulling his owner – who wears a pair of cross-country skis – along the flat land. Remarkably the cat does not appear to get out of breath despite partaking in the gruelling activity. Later in the clip the cat is picked up and carried by his owner, who skis down the sloped section of the track. In his native Norway, Jesper is somewhat of a celebrity and boasts more than 20,000 likes on his personal Facebook page.

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