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Odd news from around the world

Why your boss shouts and screams: Researchers say it could be because they are ethical: “If your boss is pleasant one day, but lashes out the next, they may suffer from a phenomenon known as moral licensing. Researchers found that if a boss acts in an ethical way, they feel this good behaviour gives them a pass to mistreat employees. And walking the straight line also causes ego depletion, which researchers say can be combated by taking regular breaks during the day. ‘In the workplace, for example, it has been found that acting consistent with rules and norms pertaining to procedural fairness and vigilantly monitoring for potential problems are especially depleting,’ explained the study. ‘Once depleted, people’s capacity to exert self-control on subsequent activities is severely limited, thereby increasing the likelihood that they will succumb to temptations and aggressive impulses.'”

Cicada-geddon in New Zealand: “They’re in offices, covering the footpaths, inside light-fittings. Their chorus is deafening. Now they’re even riding the bus. Cicadas have emerged for the season en masse, and people are finding them hard to avoid. Lower Hutt’s Nicole Sole said the insects had taken a liking to her office building, which was “covered” in cicadas. “Ew, they are on the wall all around the whole building, on the foot path, even inside our building, in the light fittings. Others reported cicadas riding on public transport. Cicadas have been “pouring out of the ground” thanks to the warm, dry weather in Wellington, Victoria University professor of entomology and ecology Phil Lester said… right now they’ll be crawling out of the ground and going onto the trees, and the pressure is on to mate.” He said the loud singing was the desperate call of the male cicadas trying to attract a mate. “They do get loud but they don’t do anything to people, they have no stinger and they’re not going to bite you, they’re just flying around.”

Driver who used smokescreen device on his car to try and foil police was caught after cops simply followed his exhaust: “A speeding driver who set off a James Bond-style smokescreen device as he tried to shake off a police officer was spared jail today. Simon Chaplin, 62, rigged a bucket of diesel, a pump and pipes, behind the passenger seat of his battered Peugeot 309 to produce ‘colossal’ amounts of grey smoke from his exhaust. ‘Eccentric’ Chaplin, from Hebron, near Whitland, Carmarthenshire, then activated the device when a police officer attempted to pull him over for speeding, covering the carriageway with fumes. However, the officer was simply able to follow the billowing plumes of smoke through the country roads near Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. Pc Birch finally caught up with Chaplin just five miles up the road when he pulled into a farmyard. John Hipkin, defending, said: ‘This is a man with his eccentricities but he is not an unpleasant individual.’ As well as the community order, Chaplin was given six points on his licence.”

Homeowner on holiday in France watches in horror on a webcam as an illegal immigrant breaks into his house – then send his neighbour round to catch him red-handed: “An illegal immigrant was caught red-handed as he tried to break into a house by the owner who was watching on a webcam while on holiday in France. Albanian national Dorian Puka, 21, was spotted breaking into the property in Twickenham, south west London, by a wifi camera set up by homeowner David Pearce. Mr Pearce, who was enjoying a summer break abroad when he saw the footage, was then able to alert his neighbours, calling them at around 11am on August 17. They went to the house and chased two men away, but Puka was caught hiding in a bush. He was later linked by DNA to the burglary and a similar break-in a month earlier. Puka admitted two counts of burglary and was sentenced to nine months imprisonment when he appeared at Isleworth Crown Court.”

Britain strikes oil: “The British company behind the discovery of vast quantities of oil near Gatwick Airport last year revealed today that it has found enough oil at the Weald Basin site to produce around 463 barrels a day. UK Oil & Gas Investments said early testing revealed ‘significant quantities’ of oil at the site which has been dubbed the ‘Gatwick Gusher’. The company’s shares soared nearly 50 per cent this afternoon. Importantly, tests so far show oil has flowed to the surface under its own pressure and has not, so far, required artificial lift.’ The company said it has kick-started the process of getting regulatory approval to carry out further tests, with the aim of demonstrating ‘sustainable commercial production.’ In April last year, UKOG announced it estimated there could be up to 100billion barrels at the site near Gatwick Airport in West Sussex.”

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