From Quora: Is there such a thing as “brainwashing” these days?

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Mike Chen

My daughter and her husband were recently brainwashed.

It started when they had their first child. The thing came out with big eyes and a small nose. University studies have shown these features emotionally affect humans and other mammals. Kittens, puppies and other baby mammals have relatively big eyes and short faces. Watch how dogs differ to human babies or people fawn over puppies. (Notice it’s built into our language?) Baby mammals use these looks to flood our systems with oxytocin, which modulates fear and anxiety. Breast feeding also releases oxytocin as the nipples are stimulated, eliminating any possible escape for my daughter.

Oxytocin can either enhance social bonding or promote defensive behaviors depending on the situation. In other words, it makes them feel calm and lowers their blood pressure thus luring them into a false sense of security. These hormones probably work on the same parts of the brain affected by addicting drugs.

The thing would cry every few hours causing sleep deprivation in both parents, another classic brainwashing technique. Crying, also, helps break down their self-esteem. When they couldn’t get it to stop crying, these poor parents felt inadequate.

It also imitates them. When people imitate our gestures and repeat our words, we think they are just like us, so we like them and do things to make them like us. (watch a good salesman). So this thing will stick out its tongue if they do (from day 1) and smile when they do (week 8). Later it will develop better techniques like repeating sounds. It sucked them right in. They give it food, keep it clean, buy it gifts, protect it and cater to its every perceived need.

In catering to its needs, it employs another classic technique. It isolates them from their friends and coworkers. They don’t go to work. If any outsiders contact them, it has made itself the focus conversation and attention. If they leave the house, they rush back as soon as they can.

I flew to Portland, OR for a weekend but managed to escape, though unable to rescue them.




Odd news from around the world

Another horror of government healthcare in Britain: “The 111 service was last night accused of a cover-up over a man who died of a heart attack after making 20 calls to the helpline in a single weekend. The man is thought to have repeatedly begged staff at the service for help in the days before his death. But although he was describing symptoms which should have alerted the 111 call advisers to a possible heart attack, no ambulance is thought to have been sent. There was a major probe into the incident, during which serious mistakes on the part of the 111 service were identified. But the call centre – which is among the worst in the country and was shamed over the death of baby William Mead – has never made the report into the death public. Even now the 111 service is refusing to publish any of the details of what the investigation found.” [I can guess what the report found: He was dismissed as a nuisance]

The second biggest croc ever recorded in Australia: “The second biggest crocodile ever caught in Australia has been hauled in by the Northern Territory’s own Outback wrangler Matt Wright. The giant beast measured 5.58m and weighed in at a massive 890kg, making it bigger than the Territory’s own superstar croc, Brutus, which is estimated to be around 5.5 meters. While reports are yet to be verified, it is anticipated to be the second largest crocodile ever captured in Australia, the NT News reported. The croc is thought to have been captured towards the end of 2015 but Wright only made the details and images public yesterday. According to the Guinness World Records, Cassius, a male saltwater crocodile caught in the Finniss River in the NT, is recognised as the world’s largest crocodile in captivity at 5.48m in length, and weighing in at 968kg. He remains on show at Green Island in Queensland”

British Government finds £80,000 to make sure Parliament can keep printing laws on GOAT SKIN: “Ministers have stepped in to pledge £80,000 a year to safeguard Parliament’s tradition of printing Britain’s laws on goatskin parchment, known as vellum. Britain’s laws were set to printed on paper from April after the House of Lords decided it could no longer afford the cost of vellum. But Matthew Hancock, the minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General, said he would be prepared to use his budget to cover the cost and maintain the 500-year tradition and insisted the move would be ‘cost effective’. ‘While the world around us constantly changes, we should safeguard some of our great traditions and not let the use of vellum die out.’ The move has the support of David Cameron, whose spokeswoman said this morning: ‘Traditions are an important part of our parliamentary heritage. ‘It’s right that we seek to preserve them wherever possible.'”

Four-year-old boy reduces waitress to tears after taking out his newly-divorced mother and producing a jar of PENNIES to pay meal: “A little boy has melted hearts after pulling out his pocket money to pay for a meal out with his newly-single mother on Valentine’s Day. Young Max Schofield, four, offered to treat Emma to lunch at Pizza Express in Torquay, Devon, as he did not want her to be lonely. On Sunday she wrote: ‘All of the shops make such a big thing about Valentine’s Day and I was secretly dreading it as I am recently divorced with a beautiful little four-year-old boy. ‘After a delicious three course meal, we went to pay. We were greeted with a waitress in tears who had watched our special dinner date. ‘Looking at her eyes welling up, I also began to shed a tear. She gave us our meal free of charge as a gift from Pizza Express in Torquay as she was so touched by what my four-year-old son had done. And the day had a happy ending after Emma later posted: ‘Today just got EVEN better…just found a big heart shaped box of chocolates and a card outside my house this evening from a man. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Xx’

Monster of the deep washes ashore in Australias: “WHAT the heck is this monster from the deep? With a body like a giant eel and a head that’s the Frankenstein love child of a crocodile and dolphin, creatures such as these sure aren’t sure aren’t an everyday appearance in Lake Macquarie’s azure waters. But a passer-by allegedly spotted the sea creature washed up on shore at Swansea, near the lake’s mouth, yesterday morning. The image has subsequently been shared more than 1150 times, but no-one has been able to offer a reasonable explanation. Australian Museum ichthyology manager (aka fish expert) Mark McGrouther said it appeared to be a pike eel, which frequents soft-bottomed estuaries and coastal waters. “They grow to 1.8m in length but the angle the photo is taken from probably makes it look more impressive than it is,” he said. According to Australian Museum records, the species has an elongated body, with long, slender jaws and large, pointed teeth.”

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