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13 Kids, 3 of the Fathers in Jail, Cadillac with Food Stamps on the Tag




Odd news from around the world

British film award winners get only £1,800 goodie bags. Oscar winners get £130,000 giveway: “Oscar goodie bags are infinitely more generous, coming in at £130,000 ($200,000) of gifts. Meanwhile, the more humble offerings from the BAFTAs come in at a modest £1,800 each – £128,200 less than their US counterparts. The Oscar goodie bag includes $5,530 (£3,800) worth of ultherapy, a laser skin-tightening procedure courtesy of 740 Park MD. But there the BAFTAs do offer a £200 Cross Apogee 23 carat gold-plated fountain pen and discount vouchers for timepieces from 88 Rue du Rhone. Those nominated for an Oscar in the elite and directing categories in LA in two weeks will receive lavish gifts including a year’s worth of Audi rentals worth $45,000 (£31,000). But those at the BAFTAS in London tonight have to settle for a package of goods that include Lancome skincare and make-up products, Tattinger Brut Reserve champagne, and a painting of the Diamond Jubilee river pageant from the Savoy”

A cat with something to be grumpy about: “This furious Persian has become an internet sensation after pictures of him with this cone over his head went viral. The cat, called Albert, had to have the cone put on his head to stop him scratching at his stitches following an operation. But even with the cone off, Albert, who had his body shaved for the operation, doesn’t look much happier. Jean, from Portland, Oregan, posted the picture with the caption ‘Albert is not having the best day’, which anyone can tell from the grumpy look on his face. In the photo that has won him celebrity, he still has the long hair on his face that his breed is known for, which is stuffed into what his owner calls ‘the cone of shame’. However, his body seems to have been shaved for the operation which he had previously.

Tens of thousands of SHARKS are seen migrating in swarms within a stone’s throw of Florida beach: “With temperatures plummeting below freezing in parts of the country, you may be temped to escape to some winter sun in Florida. But if you do hit the sunny beaches, you may want to avoid going for a swim. That’s because tens of thousands of sharks are migrating in huge swarms, and it’s happening just off the coast. Blacktips are the most common species in that part of Florida and are behind the majority of shark bites. However, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, there hasn’t been a fatal attack yet. They are named by the black markings on the tips of their fins and are common in the warm Atlantic waters between South Carolina and Texas. Every winterm, during their mating season, they move to find warmer parts of the ocean. They feed on fish, stingrays and squids. Blacktips have also been known to follow fishing boats and feed on culled catches”

Beetles with heart-shaped leg joints and a ‘one-track mind’ discovered in Belize – just in time for Valentine’s Day: “A new group of beetles that really do wear their hearts on their sleeves, have been discovered in a rainforest in Belize. The ‘enigmatic and poorly understood’ genus, Ivierhipidius, has a heart-shaped leg joint and a one-track mind. The randy beetles’ only raison d’être is to mate – but it is not thought to be a romantic creature, being closely related to parasites. They have a prominent heart shaped trochanter, which connects the upper leg to the abdomen and is different from any other beetle. ‘We don’t yet know what its heart-shaped joint is used for, but we do know that the males don’t even have a functional mouth to eat, so their only purpose is to search for mates. ‘They certainly have a one-track mind.'”

Mother-of-six complains to Woolworths because they refused to exchange her COLES brand milk: “A mother has written a complaint to Woolworths after they refused to exchange lite milk she had purchased at a Coles supermarket. ‘I got the wrong milk so went to into woolies to swap it. The lady at the desk tell me I’m not allowed because it was the coles brand of the lite and I had to talk to coles about it (sic),’ she wrote. ‘It’s just milk so I don’t see the problem! My kids don’t like lite milk so now they have to go without until maybe Saturday when I can borrow some money to get some more from coles.’ The post attracted more than 10,000 comments in one day, with many people offering their own humorous versions of the dilemma. ‘I had the same problem I was at McDonald’s and bought a double quarter pounder started driving home forgot that I don’t like beef so swung into KFC asked them to swap it for a zinger burger they said no now I’m never going to KFC again,’ Brian said.”

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