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Odd news from around the world

The South Pacific island cult who worship the spirit of an American World War II soldier (in the hope he’ll return with Coca-Cola, TVs and medicine): “Every February a cult gathers at the base of an active volcano in the South Pacific in a religious tribute to a dead American soldier. The elders wear American military uniforms jangling with medals, the rest paint ‘USA’ in red paint on their bare chests. They march around a rickety pole in military formation before raising the American flag. They are the followers of John Frum and on February 15 every year they pay homage in this way to a divine spirit ‘more powerful than Jesus’. The followers of John Frum live in a small village at the base of Mount Yasur, an active volcano on the island of Tanna, Vanuatu. To them John Frum is a god-like spirit most commonly depicted as an American soldier from the World War II. The cult believes the almighty John Frum will one day return to Tanna bringing wealth, good luck and gifts from America.”

Insane black supermarket worker: “Shocking footage has emerged of a Tesco employee flying into a rage and having to be restrained by a security guard after a customer tried to take a photograph of a ‘mispriced’ item. The worker has now been suspended pending an investigation after video surfaced last night of the row at a branch in Goodmayes, Dagenham, east London. It was posted by business student Wasiq Hussaini, who claims the staff member tried to snatch his mobile phone off him when he went to take a picture of a ‘mispriced’ item on the shelf. In the footage, a Tesco security guard is seen standing between the supermarket employee and the man filming, which is understood to be Mr Hussaini. A tussle then breaks out as the worker appears to charge towards the camera shortly after shouting ‘this guy’. He also seemingly grabs Mr Hussaini’s friend as the scuffle continues. A Tesco spokeswoman said: ‘As soon as this incident occurred we took immediate action to apologise to the customers involved and an internal investigation is now underway”

Polish motorist drives straight off the end of a pier after blindly following the advice of his SatNav: “A driver in Germany drove his car off the end of a ferry terminal pier after following the directions on his satellite navigation device. The motorist had been ordered by his satnav to enter the pier to cross the River Elba south of Hamburg. Unfortunately for the driver, he did not notice that the ferry was on the far bank of the river and continued blissfully unaware he was seconds away from the water. Luckily, the 62-year-old driver, and his passengers, a 34-year-old woman and two 17-year-old boys, managed to escape from the rapidly sinking vehicle and swim back to the shore. The accident happened in pitch darkness at 5am. The pier did not have any street lighting and the motorist must have not seen signs warning about the river. The driver’s Lancia had to be raised from the bed of the river. According to investigators, it was completely destroyed.”

Meet Fernie, the dog who’s learned to read: “Brought in to encourage the children to enjoy reading by snuggling up with them at story time, the two-year-old labrador has learned to read himself. He can now respond to written commands to sit, lie down, roll over and spin around. ‘Training Fernie to recognise words was surprisingly simple,’ he said. ‘For his initial training I used the clicker technique, where the dog learns to associate a treat with the distinctive sound. Then, while still using the clicker technique, I started showing him simple commands on a flashcard …whilst giving him the spoken command. ‘After a while, I … just used the flashcard on its own because he had learned to read it.’ Speaking about how Fernie has inspired pupils at Winford Primary School, near Bristol, he added: ‘If children can see that the dog can read the flash cards then they can do it too – so it’s a huge motivation for them.'”

Glamorous grandmother who looks decades younger says sleeping naked and taking hot baths are her secrets of youth: “A grandma with youthful looks from south-west China has shocked internet users after her true age was revealed. Qin Ling, a mother of two and grandma of one from Chongqing, is welcoming her 50th birthday this year. The age-defying woman says she has simple, non-expensive ways of looking young, reported Huanqiu.com, an affiliation with the People’s Daily Online. Qin Ling is divorced and says because of her life as a single mother, she didn’t have any money to spend on maintaining her looks. Speaking with Chinese media she said: ‘I pat my face down daily and sleep naked once a week. Also I make a cucumber, yogurt, honey and pearl powder mask which is effective.’ She says she wants to find someone older than her to settle down with.

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