Bernie Sanders fan meets reality

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Odd news from around the world

Couples ‘regret divorce after five years’: “Couples who divorce are likely to regret it five years later, a former High Court judge said yesterday. A high proportion of those who separate wish they had stayed together after a few years of living with the consequences, family judge Sir Paul Coleridge said. The warning to couples to think carefully before they rush to separate follows evidence that more than one in five divorced or estranged people think later that they should have tried to save their marriage. Sir Paul said: ‘Of course there are cases where divorce is inevitable. I haven’t sat in the courts for 40 years without knowing that there are cases where it is just as well the parties separated. ‘But it has been obvious to me that, by and large, a significant proportion of people who separate wish they had not five years down the line.’”

Spiders that catch snakes!: “Dongara resident Jennifer Fox posted the picture on the Western Australian Insects Facebook group. Ms Fox said the video and photos were taken last year while she and her husband were in the process of moving from Dampier down to their property in Dongara. “We had come down to move in more of our belongings and when we opened the door to the shed their were dozens of baby snakes caught in webs,” she said. “Some were still alive and the harder they wriggled the more entrapped they became.”

Female shark set for ‘virgin birth’: “A female shark which has had no contact with males for more than two years is set to give birth to two babies. The white spotted bamboo shark arrived at Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre in 2013 having been evacuated from the badly flooded sister centre in Hunstanton. She has been the only member of her species at the centre in that time and has had no contact with male sharks. But now experts at the centre have said she has produced two fertile eggs which are due to hatch in nine months time. The discovery of the two eggs containing valid embryos comes within days of the announcement in Germany of a second generation virgin birth involving the same bamboo shark species at a research facility in Munich. Mr Gook said: ‘The process is called “parthenogenesis” and has long been known to occur in domestic chickens and some reptiles, but was not recorded in sharks until 2008.”

Terrified women buying up FROGS and TOADS to eat Zika-spreading mosquitoes in Argentina: “The sale of mosquito-eating frogs and toads is booming in Argentina as the government warned that Zika virus is spreading in the country despite the massive deployment of pesticides. The virus has has been linked to a rise in microcephaly, a debilitating birth defect where children are born with abnormally small heads. Argentina’s health ministry Jorge Lemus admitted that mosquito Aedes aegypti survives the spraying that is being done in sensitive areas. Online websites offering adult frogs and toads are now demanding up to 100 pesos (£5) for a live specimen. The government meanwhile has started a new campaign asking people to get rid of open water sources such as water-filled buckets, where mosquitoes may lay their eggs”. So far, only five cases of Zika have been reported in Argentina”

Russian ‘mini monster’ truck: “The Sherp ATV is an all-terrain mini monster that not only dominates over rugged environments, it also plows through water, snow and ice. This Russian ATV is equipped with enormous self-inflating tires and paddle-like treads that propels the machine over obstacles as tall as 27.5 inches. The Sherp ATV is an all-terrain mini monster that not only dominates over rugged environments, it also plows through water, snow and ice. Measures 11 feet long and can climb over obstacles as tall as 27.5 inches. 44 horsepower engine from Kubota. Tops out at 27.9 mph on land and less than 4 mph in water. The Sherp ATV is the brain child of Alexei Garagashyan, a mechanic in Saint Petersburg, who has had an interest in unconventional solutions in traditional SUVs”. The entire idea of Sherp is focused around four huge low-pressure tires, which are the most noticeable attributes of the vehicle.”

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