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Odd news from around the world

The simple solution to a mid-life crisis: “The real solution costs nothing and involves focusing on what gives you pleasure and doing more of it, says an expert. That can be as simple as switching off your mobile phone, listening to music, going for walks or spending time with friends. Professor Paul Dolan, the man behind the study, says his subjects were asked how satisfied they were with their lives rather than how happy they felt. And now he says the way to beat the blues is to embrace the small pleasures of life. on’t pay attention to how happy things make you,’ warned Mr Dolan, who is professor of behavioural science at the London School of Economics. Instead, find things which make you feel good, then do more of them. A long-term sustainable impact on your life can be achieved, but not by sitting about thinking if only I was slimmer, fitter, richer, then I would be happier. It’s not going to happen, so you’ll still be miserable.’”

The Isle of Man is handing over roads to driverless cars: “A SMALL, self-governing island is on the verge of handing over its roads to driverless cars. With a land mass about the size of Chicago and a population fewer than 90,000, the Isle of Man is already popular in the auto-world for its lack of speed limits and annual superbike race. Now, the island is about to become a hub for self-driving cars. Transportation minister Phil Gawne is currently finalising discussions and working on incentives to attract tech giants and driverless car manufacturers to the island, which is nestled between England and Ireland. As the Isle of Man is self-governed, the process of changing legislation is a much quicker process than other larger countries. Mr Gawne said this will easily allow the government to tweak laws when driverless cars swarm the roads.”

Liquid gold rush beckons for Australian honey producers as research identifies best antimicrobial nectar: Australian honey producers are set to tap into a potential billion-dollar global market for medicinal honey, with new research confirming powerful antimicrobial properties in the flowering nectar of trees found across Australia. The joint study by three Australian universities is testing up to 86 different species of Leptospermum, 10 times more than are found across the Tasman, where the trees are the basis of New Zealand’s burgeoning manuka honey industry. For a small number of bee keepers already producing manuka honey, the profits are spectacular. The field research on Australian Leptospermum trees is being conducted by Simon Williams as part of a chemistry doctorate with the Sunshine Coast University. He said the trees were found in every state but their level of potential antimicrobial activity varied.”

Has Indian bus driver become first ever person to be killed by a meteorite strike?: “An Indian bus driver has become the first man in recorded history to be killed after he was struck by a meteorite, sensational local reports have claimed. The space rock crashed near an engineering college in Vellore, in Tamil Nadu state, where the 40-year-old man was standing, said local minister Jayalalithaa Jayaram. In a statement, she added: ‘A mishap occurred yesterday when a meteorite fell in the campus of a private engineering college.’ Witnesses told the New Indian Express how the driver was rushed to the hospital after being hit by ‘splinters’ of the so called meteorite, but died on the way. The impact, which injured three, shattered the windows of nearby buses and buildings, NDTV reported. After hearing the ‘deafening’ bang outside, students rushed from their classrooms to discover a small crater in the field outside. Witnesses have told of seeing a glowing, mysterious object falling from the sky – and an explosion when it hit the ground.”

Quick thinking passer-by helped police catch a suspected drug dealer by sticking out his leg: “This is the moment a have-a-go hero helped police capture a suspected drug dealer by bringing him down by casually sticking out his leg. A teen suspected of dealing Class A drugs was giving at least three officers the slip until the passer-by stopped him in his tracks in Clarence Street, Kingston, south west London, despite walking arm-in-arm with his girlfriend. The smartly-dressed man performed a well-timed leg to bring the suspect down before officers pounced on him. The Met Police said officers arrested a 17-year-old man on suspicion of possessing with intent to supply Class A drugs. The suspect was bailed until early April”

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