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Odd news from around the world

Dog sits perfectly in plane seat: “This clever canine clearly likes to travel in style after apparently being photographed enjoying a plane ride across the US. Instead of having to put up with typical flying problems, like someone stealing an arm rest or reclining their chair deep into your knees, one couple probably just had to put up with a little barking. Nick Weathers explained his parents captured the bizarre photo while on Delta Airlines Flight 4640 from Atlanta to Chattanooga, Tennessee, on January 26. Details about what the canine was actually doing on the plane remain scarce (did it enjoy an in-flight drink?), although Delta Airlines has been contacted for more information. Delta says “we treat our four-legged friends with the same attention and courtesy our human passengers expect,” but this perhaps went a little too far”

Tech fan takes Apple to court and WINS after they refuse to repair his cracked £339 Apple Watch: “A man who took Apple to court after he spotted a crack in his smartwatch has successfully sued the tech giant after a six-month battle. Gareth Cross, from Aberystwyth, west Wales, bought an Apple Watch Sport for £339 last July but 10 days later he spotted a crack in the glass face. When he complained, Apple said it was not covered by the warranty. They said the damage resulted from impact – despite their own official claims that the watch was ‘resistant to scratches and impact’. But Mr Cross took them to the small claims court for breach of the Sale of Goods Act – and has now won after a six-month fight. A judge at Aberystwyth County Court ruled that the company breached the contract of sale by refusing to repair or replace the watch as it had been falsely advertised. As a result have changed their description and removed their claim that the watch is resistant to impact. The company was ordered to refund him the cost of the watch and £429 in court costs.

Henry VIII was ‘angry, impulsive and impotent’ due to a JOUSTING injury: “Henry VIII may have suffered repeated traumatic brain injuries similar to those experienced by American football players. The Tudor King was plagued by memory problems, explosive anger, inability to control impulses, headaches, insomnia — and even impotence — that afflicted Henry in the decade before his death in 1547. Now US researchers suggest that brain damage from a jousting injury is the best explanation for the King’s crazed behaviour in his final years. Henry suffered two major head injuries during his 30s. In 1524, a lance penetrated the visor of his helmet during a jousting tournament and dazed him. But researchers believe that the English monarch’s increasingly unpredictable behaviour may have been triggered by an accident during a jousting match in January of 1536, when a horse fell on him, causing him to lose consciousness for two hours”.

Student fears she will never have an orgasm after trying every day for THREE YEARS: “A student fears she’ll never achieve satisfaction after spending more than three years trying and failing to give herself an orgasm. Megan Ward, 20, who studies politics at the University of Birmingham, has anorgasmia – the persistent inability to achieve an orgasm – and despite trying every day with various sex toys, she is continually unsatisfied. Since her diagnosis, Megan has tried countless therapy sessions and has an entire drawer filled with vibrators in a bid to cure her ‘sex disorder’ – yet she is still unable to climax. Megan said: ‘I now own ten different kinds of vibrators, among many other sex toys which would make your grandma’s eyes bleed’ The student has attracted a lot of attention with her frank admission Megan says it’s important to speak out about her ‘sex disorder’ anorgasmia which has troubled her for years

Optimism may not be good for you: “Looking on the bright side of life could cause unhappiness in the long term, new research suggests. The findings suggest positive fantasies about how future events will turn out can boost your mood in the here and now, but they may actually lead to increased depressive symptoms in the long run. This is because you set yourself up for disappointment and when your future doesn’t live up to your fantasies, it can cause you to become depressed. Unrealistic wishful thinking, while making us feel good for a while, does nothing to tackle the causes of unhappiness, said the authors. Students who felt better during tests after being asked to think positively ended up putting in less work into their college courses, and suffered worse grades, the study found. Meanwhile, those who feared the worst ended up working harder.”

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