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And what a lovely doggie




Odd news from around the world

Not Knowing The Colour Of Your Wife’s Underwear Could Get You Deported from Britain: “Immigration officials have been trying to expose couples they believe are entering sham marriages by asking bizarre questions about lingerie colour and bra sizes, it has been revealed. The author of the review Stephen Shaw, the former Prisons and Probation Ombudsman for England and Wales, found that a large number of detainees were being held on suspicion of being involved in sham marriages. Having spoken to detainees he said: “The questions they said they had been asked by caseworkers to ascertain whether their marriage was a sham included their knowledge of their wife National Insurance number, the colour of her underwear, and her bra size. Shaw added: “If this was indeed the case it was questionable whether such questions were either appropriate or reliable.

LA woman marries man with strange hat even though it was the first time they have ever met: “A Murrieta, California, woman married the man of her dreams only seconds after meeting him for the first time in person on Friday. Arte Vann and Erica Harris lived on opposite sides of the U.S. He lived in New York and she, California. The couple got to know one another after spontaneously meeting on Instagram. Each of their individual pages is full of poems and songs for the other. But a year after they met on Instagram the couple decided the first moment they met should be the moment they got married. Arte bought a one-way plane ticket to the Ontario International Airport and shortly after he landed the two Instagram lovebirds laid eyes on each other for the first time. Moments later they were married. Erica’s Instagram page now says she is married to the ‘the man of her dreams’ and Arte’s says he is married to ‘the love of his life'”

Inside the underground city with no name: Kish Island in the Persian Gulf: “This underground city is so secret it doesn’t even have a name. Located on Kish Island, in the Persian gulf, a stone doorway opens up into a maze of walled passages and clear openings that is now partly open for tourists. Judging by the sheer numbers who visit – thousands a year – it’s a mesmerising experience. It is actually an ancient underground aqueduct built about 1,000 years ago for the distribution of goods and water to different parts of the island. The tunnels, which have been reinforced over time for safety, snake through the island for over five miles. The city, although without an official name, is known as the Kariz-e-Kish or Kish Qanat by locals. Those who inhabited the island tens of centuries ago built the aqueducts to channel fresh water that they’d discovered to their homes and farms. It was moved around with the help of a series of wells – or channels – known as qanats”

Scotland’s only vineyard didn’t make ANY wine last year because the area’s too rainy: “The vineyard, in Upper Largo, near Fife, did not make a single bottle of wine last year, having made only 10 the year before, only for critics to brand it undrinkable. Owner Christopher Trotter, from Aberdeen, planted vines in 2011 and opened the vineyard three years later in the hope that global warming would make wine-harvesting viable in Scotland. Mr Trotter told The Times: ‘Growing grapes to work with two years ago proved my point that they can be ripened this far north, but unfortunately we just weren’t good a making wine. ‘I will continue to prune and weed the vines, and generally take care of them. The vines will live for 50 years but I really need someone to come and make the wine with me.'”

Store known as the ‘Amish Walmart’ is for sale after 26 years of serving the Pennsylvania community: “Schrock’s General Store, a shop known as the ‘Amish Walmart’ due to its clientele, counts its family’s gospel songbook of as one of its best-selling items. Business is booming but its Amish owners Lawrence, 62, and Barbara Schrock, 60, are now looking to sell the store and retire. The couple have served the local community in Spartansburg, Pennsylvania for 26 years. The store also sell quilting and craft supplies, along with straw hats, battery-powered head lamps and hand-cranked blenders for the Amish, who are known for their rejection of modern conveniences. The shop also includes fudge, pumpkin pie mix, seasonings, candy, natural remedies, straw hats and perishables from butter to sausage casing.”

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