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Odd news from around the world

Iran Claims to Have ‘Shooed Away’ a U.S. Warship That Was 7,000 Miles Away in Norfolk at the Time: “A U.S. Navy warship which Iran claims to have chased away from a naval exercise in the Persian Gulf this week was at the time more than 7,000 miles away – in its home port of Norfolk, Virginia. Iranian state media have been reporting that an Iranian Navy warship on Wednesday sent a warning to the USS Monterey, which Iran claims was sailing near its annual military exercises near the Strait of Hormuz, and that as a result of the warning the guided missile cruiser “left the region immediately.” In the reports, some of which also carried photos of the Monterey, military officials claimed the U.S. vessel was evidently attempting to spy on the exercises. But a spokesman for the Bahrain-based U.S. Fifth Fleet, Cmdr. Kevin Stephens, said not only was the Monterey not in the Gulf at the time of the alleged incident, it was “in her home port of Norfolk, Virginia.”

Suspect in Pennsylvania theft caught while wearing an warning shirt: “The suspect in a Pennsylvania theft was caught wearing a shirt almost too ironic to be real. Michael Emrick, 36, allegedly stole items from a convenience store called ‘Sheetz’ in Baden, a borough 30 miles west of Pittsburgh. When police arrived on the scene they noticed Emrick’s shirt, which said: ‘I’m really good at making really bad decisions.’ Police encountered Emrick on Tuesday night as he was seated inside a pickup truck. Police said the suspect ignored police when they told him to exit the vehicle and officers had to used a taser on him. In the police report the taser was said to be ‘ineffective’ and Emrick ‘slammed onto the gas pedal and thrust forward’. For 15 minutes, Emrick led eight police cars on a high-speed chase while driving in an allegedly stolen GMC Sierra. The chase ended after the suspect crashed into a shed.”

Russian Tsar was a hornbag: “On April 4, 1866 Tsar Alexander II once again met Catherine ‘Katya’ Dolgorukaya in the Summer Gardens at St Petersburg. It was to be a fateful day. The couple had enjoyed chaste daily strolls for months and the tsar, 48, had become smitten by the 19-year-old with ash blonde hair, alabaster skin and a curvaceous figure, who found young men tedious, dreaded marriage and was bored by balls. But the teenage virgin did not succumb to the emperor until July that year. He was gripped by Katya’s unexpected capacity for pleasure: ‘We fell on each other like wild cats.’ Both believed this was, as she put it, ‘a passion inspired by God’. Katya told the emperor she ‘dedicated her life to love him’, while Alexander solemnly swore: ‘You are my secret wife… if ever I am free, I will marry you.’ It was, he later wrote, ‘the happiest day of my life’ and ‘the start of a honeymoon that has never ceased’”

Proof your cat loves you FIVE times less than your dog: “In Cats Vs Dogs, animal experts Chris Packham and Liz Bonnin team up with scientists and vets to put our two favourite pets to the test in a host of different categories. Scientists have already discovered that dogs do seem to love their owners — studies have found that both produce the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin when together. It’s the same hormone that pregnant women release during birth and breastfeeding to help them bond with their baby. But cats have never been tested for this. So the show asked U.S. neuroscientist Dr Paul Zak to test both types of animal to solve the eternal question. The results were astonishing: dogs showed an average increase in the hormone of 57.2 per cent, but cats just 12 per cent. ‘From this sample it’s true to say that these dogs love their owners five times more than the cats do,’ says Dr Zak. ‘I was really surprised to discover that dogs produced such high levels of oxytocin. ‘It was also a nice surprise to discover that cats produce any at all.”

Millionaire shipping executive escapes execution ‘by paying hitman hired by his father-in-law $25K more to leave him alone’: “A New York shipping executive says he is lucky to be alive after escaping execution – allegedly at the hands of his father-in-law – by paying off the hitman himself. A hit was allegedly taken out against Oleg Mitnik by the father of his estranged wife, Ronit Mitnik, with whom he is embroiled in a multi-million dollar divorce and custody battle. However Mitnik negotiated with his would-be killers – who were to be paid $100,000 for the assassination – by agreeing to pay the agreed amount plus an additional $25,000 sweetener. The would-be hitman, Boris Nayfeld, along with an associate, Boris Kotlyarsky, were soon arrested by the FBI on extortion charges. Police claim the pair accepted sums of $50,000 from both Mitnik and Potik.

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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