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Odd news from around the world

Is it a plane? Is it a boat? Actually, it’s BOTH: “When one form of transport just isn’t enough, why not journey to your destination in a vehicle that is part plane, part boat, part hovercraft. Touted as the ‘future of transportation’, the FlyShip uses state-of-the-art technology to hover just above the water level and is capable of reaching speeds over 155mph (250km/h). The firm said the futuristic hybrid would be used primarily as a maritime transport vehicle for shifting cargo, but it could also be used as a commercial passenger transport and could even be used as a rapid response vehicle for the coastguard. As it is capable of transporting maritime cargo at speeds of over 155mph (250km/h), it is faster than using container ships which can typically only reach up to 25 knots (46mph). The concept vehicle can hold 100 passengers and has a cabin space area of 1,500sq ft.”

Stranded sloth: “This adorable sloth had to be rescued by Ecuadorian transport police after it got stuck half way when crossing a motorway. Police in Quevedo, central Ecuador, found the animal holding on to the crash barrier for dear life, moving neither forwards or backwards. Sloths move only when they absolutely need to, and rarely leave the branches of their favourite trees. However, they do climb down to ground level once a week to empty its bowels, often choosing the same spot each week. As the motorway opened recently, it is likely that it lies in what once was a natural path of travel for the sloth. As sloths have a top ground speed of just over 6ft per minute, it is believed it started crossing the road and then got stuck when traffic started speeding up. The Comisión de Tránsito del Ecuador(Ecuador Transit Commission) later added that the sloth had been returned to the rainforest.”

Best behaved dogs in the world? Four golden retrievers wait patiently in a line to have their paws cleaned before entering the house: “Mothers spend their lives making their children kick off dirty shoes before the entering the house. But now one enterprising woman has gone one better and trained her dogs to stop them traipsing mud everywhere. In the brilliant footage filmed in Thailand, the lady is seen waiting at the front door where her four golden retrievers wait patiently in an orderly queue before they are cleaned and allowed into the house. The canines must wait patiently, one behind the other. Remarkably there is no queue-jumping or jostling. Crouching on the floor by the door, the woman wipes each of the dogs’ paws in turn with a towel. She has even trained them to lift up each foot so she can clean thoroughly, and only then are they permitted to enter.”

Dieters eat ‘40% more of a food when they’re told it’s not good for them’: “We’re all constantly told that sugary snacks are bad for us and increase the risk of diabetes or heart disease. But despite the warnings, people still reach for the calorie-laden treats they know are bad for them. In fact, a new study found dieters are much more likely to choose unhealthy snacks after being given the advice. Researcher Nguyen Pham, of Arizona State University, said: ‘What these results show us is that rather than leading dieters to make healthier choices, these food police messages are actually making unhealthy foods even more enticing to dieters.’ The team from Arizona State University conducted three studies investigating the effectiveness of negative one-sided messages about food. One study included 380 participants, who were given positive, negative or neutral messages about dessert. Dieters who saw the negative message – such as one that said all sugary snacks are bad – were found to have more positive thoughts about unhealthy foods.”

Cheetah licks photographer’s FEET as he was taking pictures in African game reserve: “This is the terrifying moment a wild cheetah approached a daring photographer in an African game reserve – before starting to lick his toes. Kim Wolhuter, 57, was filming in Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana, when the inquisitive animal came in for a closer look. He had been taking photos of a mother cheetah with her four cubs when the female cub decided to give his foot the once over. The big cat even had a nibble at one point, although Mr Wolhuter walked away from the encounter with all of his toes intact. The incident was the culmination of six weeks spent filming the wild cats, during which Mr Wolhuter steadily built trust with the mother and her offspring.”

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