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Odd news from around the world

Man who loved salt dies of overdose: “A man who was obsessed with sea salt to the extent that his wife even tried to hide the seasoning from him died of a sodium overdose, an inquest heard. Peter Maynard, 56, from Kemsing in Kent, died after he developed extremely high levels of sodium in his blood, which caused excess fluid in the brain. An inquest into his death was told that Mr Maynard suffered from a number of health conditions, and believed he would die if he did not take sea salt every day. When he was admitted to the Princess Royal University Hospital in Farnborough, Hampshire, Mr Maynard had a sodium reading of 191, way above the healthy level of 140. He had also been suffering from seizures before he died in hospital on October 2. The cause of death was given as excess fluid in the brain as a consequence of severe acute hypernatraemia, an excessive concentration of sodium in the body.”

Who will teach the teachers?: “A boy’s spelling homework has gone viral after his mother shared it on Twitter in despair over glaring errors made by his teacher. Twitter user Amanda, who goes by the handle Pandamoanimum, from Kent, shared an image of the note she found pasted into her son’s literacy homework book, saying: ‘My son has spellings from school that they want him to learn. I’m currently holding my head and sighing.’ An image of the spelling test, which included the misspellings ‘sincereley’ and ‘immediateley’, has been retweeted more than 1,700 times and liked more than 1,500 times on Twitter. The spelling task, designed to help Year 6 pupils improve their spelling ahead of their SATs, came with a note, saying: ‘For homework each week, I will be sending home six words from the recommended spelling test which I will then pick up in class the following work.’ It seems the teacher meant to write ‘week’ instead of work, but made an error”

Sheep stranded on precarious ledge 2,600ft up Welsh mountain is saved by abseilers: “A sheep trapped on a mountain ledge for days had to be rescued during a blizzard by a team of abseilers. The animal was spotted unable to move out of danger around 2,600ft up Tryfan mountain in Snowdonia, north Wales, earlier this month. Incredible footage shows the rescuers abseiling down the mountain’s rocky face before finally catching the sheep on the ledge. The two workers then used a special harness to secure the animal and get it to safety. RSPCA inspector Mike Pugh said the rescue was made increasingly difficult due to blizzard conditions. ‘Once released from the bag the sheep was so hungry he just stayed nearby feeding while we sorted out all the ropes and equipment.’

McDonald’s launches new dish offering Japanese diners fries with a double CHOCOLATE topping: “McDonald’s is launching a controversial new dish which will feature a serving of classic French fries covered in double chocolate sauce. The fast food giant will start selling the ‘salty-sweet’ McChoco Potato dish from next week, but fans eager to try the unusual combination may be disappointed to discover it will only be served in Japan. But customers in Japan will be able to experience the ‘ideal combination’ of French fries drizzled with two types of chocolate sauces – chocolate with cacao flavour and white milk chocolate. McDonald’s purists may be alarmed by the development, but the chain’s Japanese branches are known for creating unusual and quirky gastronomic combinations. Previously, they offered Shaka Shaka Potato fries topped with cheese sauce or bacon, a shrimp burger and even a ‘cream stew pie’.”

Instagram fitness star shares image of her ‘stomach rolls’: “One Instagram fitness is earning more adoring praise than ever, not because she reached her goal weight or clocked in an all-time best marathon time – but because she flaunted her belly rolls. A typical shot shared on Fit Body Guides creator Anna Victoria’s her popular Instagram page features the young California woman dressed in gym clothes and showing off her super-toned tummy, or else really flaunting her colorful fruit and veggie-heavy meals. But three days ago, the 27-year-old took her fans by surprise – in the best way – by showing off the rolls that appear on her stomach when she sits down. Anna, who is currently living in Italy, definitely has an enviable body. But Anna wanted to make sure her fans know even she isn’t perfect. Just like everyone else, she has rolls in her stomach when she sits down – though hers seem to be more made out of skin than fat”.

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