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Odd news from around the world

Secret switch reveals 007-style stash, court told: “An elaborate secret car compartment worthy of a James Bond movie was found when a young man was pulled over for a random breath test, police have alleged. Police told court on Saturday of their surprise find when they uncovered a concealed switch near the steering wheel, which, when pushed with a demister button, opened the door to a hidden compartment in the glove box. Police allege 40 clear MDMA capsules weighing 7.9 grams and $4000 cash dropped from the secret compartment. Christopher Anderson, 22, was stopped for a random breath test just after midnight on Friday in Surry Hills. After allegedly spotting a “burner” [disposable] Nokia mobile phone, police searched the car, and said they found a second Nokia phone, an iPhone and 3.1 grams of cocaine inside a plastic bag in the glove box.”

Monks discover recipe book dating back to 1793 that includes unusual recipes for Pigs Ears and even a chicken curry: “Monks have discovered a recipe book that dates back to 1793 stashed away in their archives, which contains some unusual recipes for pigs ears and even one of the first chicken curries. The handwritten pages were compiled by generations of cooks in the kitchen of Begbrook House in Frenchay, near Bristol, which belonged to a wealthy local family. But when the house was burnt down by suffragettes in 1913, the fragile book of 142 recipes was passed onto the monks at Downside Abbey, in Somerset. Among the food-spattered pages of appetising recipes is one for Fricassee of Pigs Feet and Ears – which is stewed meat served in a thick white sauce – and also a pigeon stew. The book also contains a recipe for a chicken curry. ‘It seems to be a working kitchen cookbook as opposed to being for special occasions. But it’s evoked so much interest because it’s a Georgian, Regency cookbook.”

Birthplace of the Vespa BANS the iconic moped: “The mayor of the Italian city that gave birth to the Vespa has banned the scooter, leading to widespread outrage and protests. Vespas produced before 1999 are now set to be banned in Genoa, north-west Italy, in a bid to tackle pollution. The ban on scooters in the centre of in Genoa has led to such outrage that the mayor has been forced to postpone the ban until later this year. Mayor Marco Doria signed off in December on an anti-smog initiative due to come into force in February, which would have stranded close to 20,000 riders of the two-wheeler, whose name in Italian means ‘wasp.’ But the measure banning their use in large areas of the city centre between 7am and 7pm has sparked such a backlash it has been suspended until April to give people time to organise alternative transport – and may yet be scrapped.”

Woman competing in notorious 300-mile Alaskan dog sled race is forced to drop out after getting frostbite in her EYE: “A competitor in a 300-mile dog sled race through the snowy Alaskan wilderness was forced to drop out after getting frostbite on her eyeball. Brenda Mackey, from Nenana, Alaska, halted her dogs at the Kalskag checkpoint during the Kuskokwim 300 race, complaining to medics about a pain in her eye. She was told that the frostbite was so severe that she would need a cornea transplant, according to race officials. She added in a post earlier today: ‘My eyeball was quite hard to the touch yesterday and I couldn’t see out of it for around 15 hours – just a grey haze.’ Fortunately, Ms Mackey has regained sight in her eye, and will be seeing a specialist tomorrow to assess whether the frostbite has done any permanent damage. The notoriously difficult race was made particularly treacherous this weekend, with an icy and wind-whipped trail, according to the Alaska Dispatch News.”

Hundreds of women gather at ‘free the nipple’ picnic: “A ‘free the nipple’ picnic which began for a group of friends but swelled to thousands has attracted criticism and even threats of violence. Around 50 women showed up to bare their breasts after Zoe Buckley Lennox, 22, and Amanda Haworth, 21, organised the event for a group of friends so their nipples could ‘enjoy a cool breeze and challenge the patriarchy all at once’. Around 50 women showed up to bear their breasts. Despite it being ‘2016 and too hot for t-shirts’, the event didn’t avoid controversy. ‘What a horrible thing to expose children to and how sad that women feel the need to do these things to get attention,’ one woman wrote on the page. ‘If you want to be treated like equal’s [sic] maybe stop doing childish and attention seeking things. ‘Your [sic] really just promoting pornography more than anything.’”

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