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Odd news from around the world

Spanish farmer who hacked his hand off in failed insurance scam is jailed for four years: “A Spanish farmer who cut off his own hand off to fraudulently claim insurance has been jailed for four years and ordered to pay a €3,000 fine and repay €335,000 (£253,000) in insurance money. The 42-year-old man, from the rural region of Castellón, staged the elaborate ‘accident’ in order to help pay off his mortgage. He had been having financial troubles in 2007, according to the court sentence, and hoped that the money he would get from his insurance policies would help clear his debts. In the early hours of December of that year, the farmer, identified as Miguel B.P by local newspaper Las Provincias, took a sharp blade and hacked off his own right hand. He applied a tourniquet bandage to stem the bleeding, got into his car and drove in the pitch black to a point where there was a curve in the road. The farmer then crashed into a ditch next to an orange grove”

LA pranksters set up push bike to electrocute anyone attempting to steal it from the street: “The pranksters, brothers Jeremy and Jason Holden, kitted out an ordinary push-along bike with shock devices in the handlebars and seat before leaving it out in the street in Los Angeles, US. They sat quietly in hiding as they waited for passers-by to pick up the seemingly-abandoned bike in Hollywood, filming every moment with a number of handheld cameras. When an unknowing member of the public picked up the bike and tried to make-off with it, the brothers – using a handheld button – allowed the shock devices to release small charges. Over a number of hours, they filmed several people trying to steal the bike – and then being thrown from it after being shocked by the electric zap. Amusing footage shows the brothers asking ‘What happened buddy? Trying to steal a bike?’ to some of the men who came off the push bike after being stunned by the shocks.

Hippy limo: “An Indonesian mechanic has created what he claims is the world’s longest Volkswagen Kombi van – the much-loved ‘hippie wagon’. Mr Pamungkas and his team of 30 workers spent a whole year creating the new vehicle, which stretches to 7.6metres long – almost three times the length of a Smart car, at 2.6metres. But the work was not cheap, and the VW fanatic spent more than £20,000 (400million Indonesian Rupiah) on building the van. He claims to have built the vehicle by dissecting two normal Kombi vans and piecing them back together and altering the chassis in the process. He also swapped the former 1,500cc engine for a 2,000cc engine so it would be able to cope with the additional weight.”

Mexican drugs lord had ‘testicle implant for erectile dysfunction’ while on the run: “‘El Chapo’ Guzman underwent testicle implant surgery to cure his erectile dysfunction following his daring escape from prison, it has been revealed today. Between September and October 2015, the world’s most wanted man went under the knife in the name of curing his impotence, reported Mexican national newspaper Reforma, citing ‘sources close to the investigation’. The report stated that upon re-entering the maximum-security prison from which he escaped six months before, a medical examination on January 8 revealed signs of the recent surgery. The surgeries took place in a Tijuana hospital, just a kilometre from the US-Mexico border, and a town dominated by El Chapo’s Sinaloa Cartel organisation.”

The ‘missing Black Mamba’ posters that gave Londoners palpitations are taken down as the jokers responsible apologise: “The RSPCA accused pranksters of wasting inspectors’ time after a poster campaign warning that a deadly snake was on the loose in London turned out to be a hoax. Adverts had been pinned to lampposts around the city claiming that a Black Mamba snake – one of the world’s deadliest snakes – had been missing for 10 days after leaving her owner’s home. Posters put up around King’s Cross, in London, asked people to check their homes for the serpent, which likes to seek out warm hiding places, such as behind washing machines or under car seats. But now a new sign appeared tonight reassuring people it was a hoax. Black mambas are one of the most feared snakes in Africa and have the second most potent venom in the world, beaten on only by the King Cobra”

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