An unusual WWII story

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During WWII, one British Army officer, a Major, in India was on a short weekend leave to his base. There he met a old friend of his – an Airforce pilot officer.

During the casual conversation, the Army officer told his Air Force friend that he was on a short weekend leave awaiting his next orders, which is expected next week. The Air force officer was flying that same day to England for making some delivery and was expecting to be back in 2 days. Suddenly out of the blue, he offered the Major a lift to England & back, if he wishes so.

Major initially refused, considering how unlawful that would be. The Air force officer convinced the Major, that they will return soon and nobody would even know and to tell his Commander that he is going out of the base to the civilian areas for some fresh air.

With great reluctance the Major agreed, keeping his fingers crossed all the time. Long story short, they safely reached England. The Major gave a pleasant surprise to his wife and had a glorious weekend.

As promised, the Air Force officer, brought the Major back to India in two days.

Time passed. After a few months, the Major got a call from his Commander, asking him to report to the office. Once inside the office, the Commander handed over to him a telegram, which stated that his wife was pregnant. The Commander sympathized with the Major and told him how sorry he felt, but then that is life. Such things do happen sometimes when soldiers stay away from their family for long time and so on …. …

The Major just did not know how to react. He wanted to jump with happiness but controlled his emotion. He kept a sad face. He knew very well that any knowledge of his adventure would put him and his Air Force friend in deep trouble.

The Commander offered to sanction an urgent leave for the Major to travel to England and sort things out with his wife.

Thus the Major found himself once again in the warm embrace of his wife. Needless to add, they had many glorious weekends.




Odd news from around the world

Police officer breastfeeds abandoned baby to help save her life: “A police officer has gone above and beyond the call of duty by breastfeeding an abandoned baby to help save the newborn’s life. Luisa Fernanda Urrea, who is a police officer in La Marina, Colombia, was called to a forest settlement where locals had discovered a baby on the ground alone. While waiting for medical assistance, the new mum breastfed the hours-old baby, recognising that she was in need of hydration. Urrea told the local media, “I’m a new mother and I have milk and I recognised the needs that this poor little creature had. Police commandant Javier Martin reported that the baby had been abandoned soon after birth, and that she still had her umbilical cord attached when found. “The girl had some lacerations and was suffering from hypothermia,” he said. “However, she was treated quickly and is now in good health.”

Australia: Crocodile reportedly bites off woman’s hand: “An elderly woman is believed to have lost half her arm after an being attacked by a saltwater crocodile in Wyndham, in Western Australia’s North West. It is understood the woman, who is well-known in the community, was struck by the crocodile at Three Mile Creek around 2.30pm on Wednesday while walking her dogs. Wyndham man Paul Cavanagh said his nephew and son-in-law picked the injured woman up on the side of the road and took her to Wyndham Hospital after seeing she was missing her arm just above her elbow. “She was standing on the side of the road just shocked,” he said. “She’s lived here a long time, hopefully she’s alright.” They then took her to Wyndham Hospital before she was later flown by the Royal Flying Doctor Service to Royal Darwin Hospital. It is believed she is in a stable condition.”

Australian woman “handcuffed” by pet python: “A Sunshine Coast man called a local snake catcher after he “woke up to the screams of his roommate” who had been “handcuffed” by her pet python early Thursday morning. Sunshine Coast snake catcher Stuart McKenzie was called at 3am and had to talk the man through how to uncoil the pet Black Headed Python that had constricted its owner’s hands together. “She was handling the snake when it bit her on the thumb and proceeded to constrict her hands together so she was basically handcuffed and couldn’t get it off,” Mr McKenzie wrote on Facebook. “I have had one or two phone calls when the snakes have got out, but this is the first time someone has gotten into strife with the snake,” Mr McKenzie said. It took about 30 minutes for the housemate to uncoil the pet python, and Mr McKenzie said he remained calm throughout.

More than £77,000 worth of gold discovered hidden beneath seat on Air India flight: “More than 7.5million rupees (£77,000) worth of gold has reportedly been discovered hidden beneath a seat on a flight. Custom officials found almost seven pounds worth of the yellow metal on an Air India flight, which landed at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Shamshabad, India, yesterday, local media reports. Based on a tip-off, staff searched the aircraft, which had landed following a flight from Dubai, and discovered the expensive metal. The bars of gold had been allegedly concealed behind a pipe beneath a seat in the cabin. ‘In flights, there would be a hollow pipe which supports the three seats. ‘The window side of the pipe is usually open and gold biscuits are kept inside that for the next passenger to locate and retrieve.'”

Drone catcher: “The monotonous buzz of a drone hovering in the sky above public events is an increasingly common problem and has raised fears they could be used in terror attacks. Now, engineers have developed a ‘drone catcher’ to safely pluck these annoying, and potentially dangerous, unmanned aircraft out of the sky. The drone, known as a Robotic Falcon, fires a net at the other vehicle in mid-air, which then allows it to fly away with the offending UAV to a safe location. It was developed following a spate of incidents where drones have been flown over public buildings or events, sparking major alerts. Last year a man was tackled to the ground after flying a quadcopter over the White House. Drones have also triggered alerts at airports around the world after they being flown into restricted airspace”.

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