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Odd news from around the world

Australia: Epic Ninja jump by owner foils black car thief at fuel stop: “A driver has performed an “epic ninja jump” through the window of his moving car as an alleged thief tried to steal it from a Darwin petrol station.Video of the November incident, released by NT Police, shows the car’s owner walking to pay at the Malak service station in Darwin’s northern suburbs. As he does so, a person is seen emerging from the shadows, getting in the car and starting to drive off. The owner is then seen running back to the car and launching himself feet-first through the passenger-side window as the car edges forward.The owner fails in his first attempt at getting into the vehicle, but tries again and succeeds, as the alleged thief jumps out and runs off. Northern Territory Police said they had now released the CCTV in a bid to locate 24-year-old Timothy Slater, who they allege was responsible for the botched attempt

Holiday colds could be a thing of the past!: “Raymond Wang, 17, has invented a new fan system that changes the way air moves around a plane. After examining the traditional air circulation systems, he discovered that a large percentage of the air is shared between passengers three times before it reaches the filter systems. This means that bugs are passed around among several passengers before being eliminated by the filters. But Wang’s new miniature fan invention allows each passenger a ‘personalised breathing zone’. His patent-pending machine, which he has called the Global Inlet Director, keeps air in a restricted amount of space before it reaches the filter system to be cleaned. He added: ‘With this, we’re able to reduce pathogen transmission by about 55 times, and increase fresh-air inhalation by about 190 per cent.’ The device, which can be installed in planes for under $1,000 (£690), redirects air particles that contain bacteria or viruses out of circulation”

Officials in Brazil claim to have found the world’s oldest man – at 131: “Civil servants in Brazil say they have discovered the world’s oldest person – a 131-year-old father-of-three living with a wife 69 years his junior. But social security workers in Acre in north Brazil today caused a stir by publishing photographs of Joao Coelho de Souza alongside a birth certificate dated March 10, 1884. The document showed he was born in the city of Meruoca in Ceara nearly 2,000 miles to the east of Acre. A colleague of a civil servant who made a routine visit to confirm he was still alive, and therefore eligible for his pension, posted the information on his Facebook. He called on the state government to confirm the find and register Joao for the Guinness Book of Records. Brazilian papers today said he lived with a wife aged 62 and a granddaughter aged 16 in a village called Estirao do Alcantara” [The birth certificate is probably his father’s. It is not uncommon for sons to be given the same name as their father]

Two boys come up with an ingenious (but incredibly simple) way of travelling through town on their bike: “Cycling with a friend is great fun but what can you do if only one of you owns a bike? This young duo appear to have cracked the conundrum with a simple but effective trick in this humorous video – by each taking a pedal. The clip, which was captured in an unknown location, shows the two boys travelling through town while sharing the one bicycle. What makes the trick so impressive is the fact that they travel at speed – evidence that they have journeyed together in this way before. As one of the youngsters pushes down on a pedal with both legs the other stands up slightly and tucks their knees in. The duo do this in perfect unison for quite some time while travelling down the road.

Clever Dutch woman survived five days lost in Australian wilderness: ” Veronique Biunkens, who is from the Netherlands, was staying at the SIBA Buddhist Centre, between Buchan and Gelantipy, when she left for a walk last Thursday. She quickly became lost in thick bushland that does not have walking tracks, but it was four days before she was reported missing to police. Victoria Police Inspector Mark Edwards said it was the first time he had seen someone survive after being lost for that length of time. “When they found her she was absolutely covered in mud from head to toe, and she’s told the searchers she’s put the mud all over her to protect herself from the sun during the day,” he said. “Her clothing was stuffed with river moss, and she’s used the river moss to keep herself warm during the night. It’s acted like a bit of a doona.” He said Ms Biukens set up camp near a river bed so she would have access to water when she realised she was lost. Ms Biunkens was found by rescuers less than two kilometres away from where she had gone missing. Ms Biukens survived the five days on water from the creek bed but did not have any food. Despite the ordeal, rescuers said she was doing well when she was found.

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