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I don’t think I need to picture the Texan equivalent




Odd news from around the world

Tea as buried treasure: “The world’s oldest tea leaves have been discovered buried with royal treasures in the tomb of an ancient Chinese emperor who ruled more than 2,150 years ago. Unearthed in the tomb of Jing Emperor Liu Qi, the tea provides some of the earliest evidence for the ancient Silk Road trade route that grew to stretch across Asia from China to Europe. It appears Emperor Jing, who was the fourth emperor of the Western Han Dynasty, enjoyed the drink so much he wanted to be buried with a large supply of tea leaves so he could drink it in the afterlife. Archaeologists discovered the huge stash of tea buds – or tips – in one of the burial pits that surrounded the mausoleum built for the emperor and his wife in Xi’an, Sha’anxi Province, China. Although the plant material had decomposed, analysis revealed it had been some of the finest quality tea buds from the tea bush Camellia sinensis.

Cavemen ain’t what they used to be: “Real-life caveman Angelo Mastropietro has made his dreams come true by transforming a 250 million year old cave in the Wyre Forest, Worcestershire, into a luxurious home outfitted with an Aga range cooker and rainfall shower head. After £160,000 and approximately 1,000 hours breaking, cutting and burrowing through tonnes of rock, the 38-year-old can finally put away the shovels and pickaxes and bask in the comforts of wi-fi, running water and underfloor heating. The Worcestershire native first came across the cave in 1999 when he took refuge in the space during a rainy bike ride. The cave, which had been used as a four-bedroom house for 300 years, was abandoned in the late 1940s. He purchased the cave, part of a row of living spaces considered to be the oldest inhabited rock houses in the whole of Europe, for £62,000. He also cut and drilled into the hillside, and all of the fresh running water comes from Angelo’s own bore hole, which he sank 80 metres into the ground.”

Batty British bureaucrats say this girl is overweight — and they’re not apologizing: “A fitness instructor mother has hit out at a controversial school child measuring programme after her daughter, 11, was deemed ‘overweight’ – causing her to refuse food for two days. Olivia Lyndsay, who at 5ft 2ins is one of the tallest pupils in her year, was told her BMI was above the recommended limit by health professionals at her primary school. Her mother Amelya Lyndsay, 35, was furious after her young daughter was so upset by the results she then refused to eat for two days. Now she has spoken out against the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP), which aims to monitor obesity in children. ‘It is unbelievable how much damage can be done by this program,’ she said. ‘We never eat processed foods as I am always really careful of our diets, having a background in nutrition.

Giant crocodile fossil found on edge of Sahara: “PALEONTOLOGISTS have discovered the fossil remains of the world’s biggest ocean-dwelling crocodile buried on the edge of the Sahara, a creature that was twice the size of anything seen today. Named Machimosaurus rex, this croc would have weighed in at least 3000kg (6,600 pounds) and been around 9.7 metres (32 feet) long. Other than its size, it would have looked much like a modern day crocodile except for its narrow snout — which was designed to allow it swim in the ocean. “This is an incredibly big crocodile. It is twice as big as a present day marine crocodile,” University of Bologna’s Federico Fanti, who was part of the team that made the discovery with support from the National Geographic Society Committee for Research and Exploration, told “The skull itself is as big I am,” said Fanti”

British train stopped by too much sun: “Rail passengers experienced long delays and rush hour train cancellations this morning – because it was too sunny for drivers. Services at Lewisham, south-east London, were disrupted because of the angle of the ‘low winter’ sun, train operator Southeastern said. It added: ‘The low winter sun has been hitting the dispatch monitor which prevents the driver from being able to see.’ Forecasts for Lewisham at 8am today did reveal that the area was experiencing strong sunshine. Southeastern said 11 trains were delayed by up to ten minutes by the issue. But travellers have been left seething at the explanation. Julie Clarke asked Southeastern: ‘How do they go on in hot countries where they have sunshine all the time?’ Yvonne Gilbert queried ‘is there any weather that’s not an issue?’ In 2009, rail operators were mocked for blaming the ‘wrong type of snow’ on a series of disastrous cancellations and delays. And autumnal delays are regularly blamed on ‘leaves on the line’.”

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