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Odd news from around the world

Russian doctor PUNCHES a patient, killing him instantly: “A Russian doctor was caught on camera killing a patient with a single punch. The shocking video of the attack in the southern city of Belgorod was aired repeatedly on state television and went viral on YouTube, while Russian media nicknamed the attacker ‘the boxer doctor’. In the video, the strongly-built doctor in medical clothing drags the barechested male patient from the examination table, asking him ‘why did you touch the nurse?’ and pushes him out of the doorway. When the patient returns, the doctor deals him a single blow to the face and a crash can be heard as the middle-aged man falls backwards onto the floor. Belgorod’s Investigative Committee said in a statement released Saturday that the incident took place on December 29. The doctor hit the patient in the face after he ‘kicked a nurse during a procedure,’ the investigators said. The doctor has been fired from his job”

Stupid woman tries to kiss a snake: “The horrific moment a tourist was bitten on the face by a snake after she tried to plant a kiss on its head at a Thailand animal park has been captured on video. The terrifying footage, filmed on the popular holiday island of Phuket, shows the reticulated python latch onto Chinese woman Jin Jing’s face as a man holding the snake looks panicked and piercing screams erupt from onlookers. The incident reportedly happened on January 9, at an unnamed ‘animal park’. Ms Jin Jing was rushed to Phuket International Hospital and received treatment for minor cuts and bruising to her nose – luckily the python was non-venomous. She was released from hospital shortly after receiving stitches. Phuket Tourist Police Volunteers have warned tourists of the risks of attending ‘cowboy’ animal parks in Thailand.”

Supermarket cola is CHEAPER than buying bottled water in Britain: “Supermarket cola is now priced so cheaply that a serving containing the recommended daily sugar intake for a 10-year-old child can be bought for just 5p. An investigation by The Sunday Times revealed that customers at Tesco and Morrisons were able to buy two bottles of cola – containing four litres together – for 90p. Each two-litre bottle of cola contains a staggering 49 teaspoons of sugar. While supermarkets are keen to slash prices of cola and other fizzy drinks, bottled water costs far more per litre in contrast. For example, a 1.5 litre bottle of HIghland Spring sparkling water costs 75p

Zephyr 8 drone has an 82ft wingspan: “This is the new drone which is set to help SAS troop track terror targets around the world for months. The Zephyr 8, which looks like a Star Trek spaceship, has an 82ft wingspan and can fly at 70,000ft above commercial jet routes. It provides surveillance and communication relays from its antennae, at only a fraction of the cost of satellites. The lightweight drone can generate enough energy during daylight hours to maintain its height at night, and carries an array of sophisticated cameras and radio interception kits. A spokesman from the Royal United Services Institute think-tank said: ‘The need for surveillance and intelligence gathering on the battlefield is exploding at the present moment – and Zephyr is potentially a very valuable asset because it can provide persistent coverage.'”

Qantas jumbo jet flies from Sydney to South Africa with FIVE engines: “Passengers aboard a recent international flight would have been forgiven if they thought they were in for an extra-fast trip when they saw a fifth engine attached to the plane. But airline Qantas had decided to use one of its Boeing 747 aircraft to transport a new Rolls Royce engine from Sydney to Johannesburg, South Africa, to replace one on another plane which had problems. The method of attaching an extra, nonoperational engine to a wing of the plane may seem unconventional, but the rarely used technique was deemed to be the most efficient way to transport the large spare part. During flight, the fifth engine did not operate. Only four Qantas planes have the ability to transport a fifth engine.”

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