HOT! A lava lake in Hawaii

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Odd news from around the world

Lab-grown testicles? “Doctors in America have created lab-grown testicles that could help soldiers who have sustained serious genital injuries on the battlefield to conceive children. Now doctors involved in the Pentagon-backed research at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine in North Carolina have used stem cells taken from soldiers to reconstruct intact testicles capable of creating sperm. British soldiers can have their sperm frozen prior to deployment to ensure the chance of having children – but no such option is available in the US Army. However, there is a major obstacle in the research – the testicles produced in the lab are only the size of a pinhead. Dr Anthony Atala, director at the institute, said research ‘was still in the early stages’.

Loyal dog waited for the person who abandoned him: “Eating sticks to survive as he shivered in the cold, Banjo was waiting patiently by the road for his owner to return when animal rescue officers found him. The loyal pet had stayed there for an entire week by the time shelter workers picked him up – and even after feeding him and petting him, Banjo still did not want to leave in case his owner returned. After carrying him into her van and hearing the pooch’s heartbreaking howls, Brooke Rapozo – who works at the Kings SPCA Rescue center in Lemoore, California, which saved him – penned a scathing letter to the ‘heartless scumbag’ owner who left their dog for dead. ‘He was watching every car that would come down the road hoping it was you coming back for him. Your dog has been freezing, hungry, and scared for days because you are a heartless piece of crap.”

Shanghai wheels out Panda recycling bins: “Not your ordinary recycling bin, these panda bins are encouraging the residents of Shanghai to donate used clothing to people in need. Shanghai authorities today unveiled 800 of these cute receptacles on Nanjing Pedestrian Road and Huaihai Park, which will collect unwanted clothes from city residents, the People’s Daily Online reports. Not just for decoration, these panda-shaped ‘smart bins’ are equipped with top sensor technology that will inform the collection company when they are 80 percent full. If the clothes cannot be donated to schools, they are recycled into other items such as jeans, gloves and vegetable protection nets. The new sensors enable the collection companies to be more efficient in collecting the donated goods. The bins join receptacles already in operation at around 1,000 housing complexes in the city.”

Toe-eating chair: “Fantastic Furniture is set to recall nearly 100,000 Worx chairs after two people had their toes cut off by the sharp metal edges at the bottom of the dining room chair. Trae McGovern, 11, from Queensland, became a victim of the $39 piece of furniture when he stubbed his left foot on the Worx during a barbecue at a family friend’s home in October, reported The Daily Telegraph. The 11-year-old Ormeau Hills resident had to get reconstructive surgery but part of his second toe could not be reattached. Ms Gross described the dining room chair as ‘super dangerous’ and said that it cut her son’s toe ‘off clean.’ ‘He just kicked it and his toe got cut off in the bottom leg bit. In April, Mark Bulman, from Fairfield in Sydney’s west was walking over to his son Nate, who had been crying, when he bumped and tripped on the metal chair. His middle toe was sliced off after getting trapped inside one of the legs of the chair.”

TV reporter stabbed while testing ‘knife-proof’ vest: “A REPORTER testing a ‘stab-proof’ vest was knifed in the back during a shocking TV report. Eitam Lachover needed stitches after the commando-style blade went into his back while he filmed a special report about the protective vests. The incident happened after the bungling boss of the company making the jacket stabbed him in an unprotected part of the vest. Eitam said he was released from hospital and was not seriously injured during the incident yesterday. Israeli soldiers are set to be given the protective vests following a spate of stabbings over recent months.

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