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Odd news from around the world

Botanists create plant that produces both aubergines AND potatoes in the same pot: “A new plant that can grow two types of vegetables in the same pot has been developed for the first time. Horticulturalists have spent years carrying out grafting trials to produce the dual-cropping plant named ‘Egg and Chips’ which grows aubergines, also known as eggplants, from its stem, and potatoes from its roots. Experts experimented with more than 20 varieties of aubergine before selecting one that was deemed best for size and performance. They then carefully cut the delicate 2 inch-tall (5 cm) stems of the aubergine and potato plants in half at an identical angle before grafting them together. The lower end of the potato plant and the top part of the aubergine naturally fused together and continued to grow. The end result is an average batch of four big purple coloured vegetables on the stem, with 4.5lbs (2kg) of potatoes under the soil. Th two vegetables belong to the same plant family, known as the Solanaceae or nightshade”

Giant 120ft gold statue of Chairman Mao which took nine months to build is ripped down days after it was unveiled: “A giant golden statue of Chairman Mao, which took about nine months and £313,000 to build, has been destroyed just days after it went viral and sparked international mockery. Images of the 120-foot statue in rural Henan province now show the hands, legs, and feet have been removed, while a black cloth is draped over the head. It is unclear whether the criticism online played a part in its demise, as local officials told state-run newspaper The People’s Daily that the statue ‘was not registered or approved’. A local delivery worker who did not want to be identified told The Guardian he heard the statue had been destroyed because it sat on a farmer’s land. Pictures of the nearly-completed statue went viral as people took to social media to crack jokes about Mao Zedong sitting on a toilet.”

The Flying Scotsman steam locomotive returns to the tracks: “The Flying Scotsman is returning to the tracks for the first time in a decade after undergoing a £4.2million refit. The famous locomotive is set to steam down the East Lancashire Railway ahead of its first passenger runs at the weekend and steam enthusiasts lined the route in Bury, Greater Manchester, to see the green and black engine’s iconic return. It has been brought back to life after its retirement in 1963 thanks to the National Railway Museum in York, which bought it for £2.3million in 2004 and began the restoration in 2006. The Flying Scotsman was built in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, in 1923 and soon became the star locomotive of the British railway system, pulling the first train to break the 100mph barrier in 1934. Last year it topped a poll of the world’s best-known trains and locomotives following a worldwide survey by YouGov, where people across four continents were asked to name five trains or engines they had heard of.”

Big haul of Japanese knicker thief: “A serial knicker thief arrested for allegedly snatching underwear from women has been caught with 600 items of lingerie in his apartment. Shoya Imada, 25, was detained after being accused of breaking into a women’s flat and dormitory in Japan to squirrel away panties. During the investigation, he was later accused of assaulting a woman and ripping off her underwear as she walked along the street in Nankoku City. The fetish for women’s underwear is strong in Japan, where there are even vending machines where used knickers can be purchased. The knickers come wrapped in the image of the Lolita-esque schoolgirl they allegedly came from.”

What are these mysterious Vietnamese ‘space balls’?: “Vietnamese military experts are probing three metal objects which are believed to have fallen from space near the country’s northern border with China. The the three objects were spread over a large area in the Tuyen Quang province according to local media reports. The largest of the objects which weighed 45 kilograms, was found in a stream. Locals claimed they could hear ‘thunder’ in the minutes before the items were recovered. An initial investigation by Vietnamese defence officials determined the objects were of Russian origin, but could have been sold to a third country for use. It is believed the objects are compressed-air tanks from some form of aircraft or rocket.”

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