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Odd news from around the world

British auxiliary police stopped a stolen van only to let the thieves go because they couldn’t arrest them – and then charged the owner £150 to get his vehicle back: “A businessman has criticised police after community support officers let two thieves escape because they did not have the power of arrest. The van was taken from John Ingoe’s vehicle dealership in Oldham, Greater Manchester, around 7pm on December 22. CCTV showed two police community support officers (PCSOs) stopping the thieves before letting them go and taking the vehicle to a nearby police pound. Mr Ingoe, who realised the van was missing when he went to work the next day, was then forced to pay £150 to recover the vehicle. The 55-year-old said he was ‘livid’ when he discovered how the crime had been dealt with. ‘The fact that they let the thieves go is beyond belief. It’s like something out of Keystone Cops – I’m absolutely gobsmacked.”

The best cure for a cough is CHOCOLATE: “Cough medicine containing chocolate is stickier and more viscose than standard medicines, so it forms a coating which protects nerve endings in the throat which trigger the urge to cough, an expert has claimed. We have just seen the results of the largest real-world study of an over-the-counter cough remedy ever undertaken in Europe. This proves that a new medicine which contains cocoa is better than a standard linctus. The head-to-head comparison found that patients taking the chocolate-based medicine had a significant improvement in symptoms within two days. ROCOCO, as it was called, was a well designed study, a randomised controlled trial involving 163 patients, and the results will be published in a journal within the next 12 months. Previously, researchers at Imperial College in London found that theobromine, an alkaloid in cocoa, is better at suppressing the urge to cough than codeine — an established ingredient in cough medicines.”

Huge poisonous spider found stowed away in traveller’s luggage by airport security staff: “This shocking picture shows a huge huntsman spider that was discovered hiding inside a traveller’s tent after catching a free flight into New Zealand. Border staff at Auckland Airport noticed the creepy crawly, which can grow up to 12 inches in size, upon inspection of the luggage which had been on a flight from Australia. Posting the image online yesterday, the Ministry for Primary Industries in New Zealand thanked the airport security team for preventing the spider from entering the country. Speaking to Stuff New Zealand, an MPI spokesman said that although the spiders don’t pose a serious risk to human life, they are thought to eat other bugs and insects and there was a biosecurity risk they carried disease with them, he said. Their bite is non-toxic but very painful.”

Re-homing FISH!: “Thousands of fish have found themselves on the move in Paris as the iconic canal that they call home undergoes a dramatic face-lift. City workers have spent the past two days netting 4.5 tonnes of trout, carp and bream from the Canal Saint-Martin, which is being drained for the first time in 15 years in a massive clean-up operation. The fish are being moved to their new home in a section of the canal which is not being drained. Meanwhile, a whole host of bizarre and unexpected objects have already surfaced, including mopeds, bicycles, trolleys and even old cameras and tape recorders. The three-mile long stretch of canal flows through the heart of the French capital’s 10th arrondissement, one of the city’s most exclusive and fashionable districts.”

The suicidal airline. Who would want to fly with them now? “Passengers were banned from checking in luggage by Malaysia Airlines with the carrier claiming ‘unseasonably strong headwinds’ that reached 230mph forced them to lighten the aircraft. Flights from Kuala Lumpur to Paris, London and Amsterdam on Tuesday and Wednesday were affected by the decision after the airline claimed it had to travel on a longer flight path, thus using more fuel. The move baffled passengers, who slammed the airline on social media after they were told their luggage would travel out separately on another aircraft. The airline said it now operates a long route to Europe via Egyptian airspace for safety reasons. It didn’t elaborate on the reason behind the new route, but a Malaysia Airlines jet flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down by a missile in eastern Ukraine in 2014, killing all 298 people on board. It lifted the ban less than 24 hours after imposing it after concluding it could take a shorter route.”

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