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Odd news from around the world

No more Wi-Fi blackspots! Long-range HaLow beams TWICE as far as current networks and can travel through thick walls: “As more and more of the items in our homes become connected to the internet, our conventional Wi-Fi wireless networks are finding it harder to keep up. But a new longer range version of Wi-Fi that uses less power than current wireless technology could help to tackle those dreaded connection problems. Wi-Fi HaLow has nearly twice the range of conventional Wi-Fi and is capable of penetrating walls that currently create blackspots in people’s homes. The technology, which was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, is also designed to be able to cope with large numbers of devices connecting to a network. As it also uses less power than conventional Wi-Fi, it could also mean small-battery operated devices like wearable technology could also use it.”

A Scottish castle on the brink: “These dramatic photographs taken today show just how close an historic 450-year-old castle has come to being swept away by a swollen river. Abergeldie Castle in Aberdeenshire, which is near to Queen’s Elizabeth’s Balmoral estate, is under threat from the River Dee following intense rainfall. And the Queen’s neighbour John Seton Howard Gordon, whose Abergeldie estate is enclosed by Balmoral on three sides, has had to flee the home. The castle on the 11,687-acre estate is ‘teetering on the brink’ after the Dee turned into a raging torrent following the arrival of Storm Frank in Scotland. As the river burst its banks, it left the castle just feet away from the water’s edge – and the tower, home to the 21st laird since 1972, is still under threat.”

Clever bird: “A photographer has captured the remarkable moment an osprey dives into the water – and emerges with two fish at once for dinner. The hunting bird, which has a magnificent wingspan of nearly six feet, was spotted getting two-in-one in Kangasala, Finland. Amateur photographer Igor Shilokhvost had been waiting for hours for the perfect shot, and was overjoyed when he caught the osprey snatching two rainbow trout. The 49-year-old said: ‘A diving osprey is very fast. This makes it very difficult to take hunting osprey photos. ‘Osprey hunting is very impressive to watch. It is hunting looking through the water from above, choosing a fish and diving for it with a high speed into the water. ‘The birds are not sitting around, they came to the place specially to take a fish. Ospreys eat only fish.'”

Little girl forges note, attempts to get another week off school: “As the end of the school holidays approaches for children in the Northern Hemisphere, a little girl has come up with the perfect plan to have another week off school. Forging a note from her school, seven-year-old Cara explained the holidays have been extended for another week. She then delivered the note herself on a Sunday. Reddit user, locke-in-a-box, posted a copy of the note online saying: “My daughter got the mail today (it’s Sunday), apparently they have another week off school.” The letter read: “The School Company is taking a break, so the kids will get one more off school and we will need your child to sign their name here. Reddit users jumped on the bandwagon, defending the authenticity of the note.”

The ultimate model railroad: “The world’s largest model railroad contains 100 trains that travel its eight miles of track and comes complete with more than 3,000 miniature buildings in cities and villages to make up its uncannily lifelike scenery. The incredible railroad layout, nearly 20 years old, is the brainchild of Bruce Williams Zaccagnino and his wife Jean who started the project 44 years ago. Zaccagnino owns and operates the attraction, Northlandz Great American Railway, which is located inside a 52,000sq-ft building in Flemington, New Jersey. The train layout occupies about 16 acres and it takes visitors two to three hours to complete the one-mile long walkway tour. The spectacle, which has been open to the public since 1997 and took some 16 years to build, boasts about 500,000 tiny trees, 400 bridges and trestles and 40-ft bridges spanning huge canyons. Zaccagnino, a multi-award winning computer software game developer and publisher who has Solitare’s Journey and Perfect General credited to his name, loved model trains as a kid.”

Bizarre ‘cargo drone’ will fly injured soldiers from the battlefield – or deliver your shopping: “A unique vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft completed its first untethered flight last week. The ‘AirMule’, designed to carry about 1,000 pounds every 31 miles, has the ability to drop supplies to the Israeli army and carry the wounded soldiers to safety. The prototype has taken two years to complete, but its creators are hopefully it will be able to reach places traditional helicopters can’t in the next few years. ‘With close to 200 flights on the AirMule prototype we are confident that this capability can be fielded in just a few years’. The craft weighs about one-ton and can be operated with a specially made remote control or by using its own autonomous control system. It’s designed with rear propellers that enables it to take-off horizontally and it also has vertical movement that is controlled by internal rotors, which can only be seen from directly above or below.

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