A new environmental scare

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Odd news from around the world

Australian mother floats son’s pacifier down river: “Parents have shared how they helped their toddlers say goodbye to well-loved dummies [pacifiers] after a Facebook post revealed a Sunshine Coast woman held a “boat ceremony” to help her son give his dummy to a “new baby”. Emma Jansen posted a photo to Facebook after she came across a blue toy boat that held a dummy and a note, floating down a creek in Pelican Waters on Sunday. The note stated the dummy belonged to Joe Benson, who “no longer needs his dummy anymore, because he is a big boy”. “The dummy is floating away for a new baby,” the note read. Pelican Waters resident Grete Benson had held the “boat ceremony” for her son Joe on Sunday to help him say goodbye to his dummy, which can be a stressful and emotional time for toddlers and their parents

Drowning in mud: “A primary school teacher admitted she thought she was going to die after she became trapped in thick mud with her dog for two hours on New Year’s Day. New pictures of Lorrayne Starr, 49, of St Ives, Cambs, show just how close she was to losing her life before a nearby dog walker spotted her trapped in a tomb of clay and called emergency services. The man, who called the Coastguard, said he and his two dogs heard her shouts as they walked the cliff top path. ‘She had had the good sense to lie on her back on the liquid mud. ‘She was completely covered in mud,’ said the man, who asked to remain anonymous. Another hour on a winchman on a Coastguard Bristow Sikorsky S-92 helicopter lifted the mud-caked woman out of the clay”

Wacky dress regulations: “A woman has been refused entry to the members section of the cricket after a security guard said her floor-length dress was inappropriate as the shoulder straps were ‘too thin.’ Long term member and mother-of-two Della Cornish was excited for a night with her husband to see the Big Bash League at the WACA Ground in Perth on Saturday night and donned a black, high-necked, floor length dress. On arrival at the lounge, she was told by the security guard the straps on her dress were too narrow and was forced to leave the venue ‘upset and embarrassed,’ Nine News reported. ‘I actually have worn this dress to church and it was appropriate for my church so I’m not sure why it’s not appropriate for the WACA,’ Ms Cornish said. The dress code for female members is a knee length dress, shorts or pants and a modest blouse or top.”

A wacky waxwork: “An incredibly unrealistic waxwork of Queen Elizabeth has appeared in a Chinese shopping mall – but the only thing that suggests it is her is the image of Buckingham Palace in the background. Not the Queen’s usual attire, this figure is donning a strange cropped hairdo and a bright pink fedora hat. But the main clue to suggest she is an imposter is her face, which bares absolutely no resemblance to that of her Her Majesty. Visitors to the mall looked suitably bemused as they pinch and poke the figure, perhaps confirming most onlookers fears: She ain’t the real deal. Other shoppers posed next to her for photos. The waxwork went on display at a shopping centre in Shenyang, a north east city in the Liaoning Province of China.”

Hilarious reactions of people as they test drive Tesla’s ‘Ludicrous Mode’ that sees the car accelerate from 0-100km/h in just THREE SECONDS: “The Tesla’s newest model car that launches from zero to 100km in just three seconds has some test drivers reeling. Tesla’s Model S P90D has two acceleration modes – sport and ludicrous – the latter of which is living up to its name, with many people comparing it to a rollercoaster ride. Jason Cartwright, founder of techAU.com.au, took several Australians for a spin in Wodonga, 322km northeast of Melbourne, in the fully electric car and recorded their reactions, ranging from stunned silence to hysterical laughter. All of the passengers – from tall to small – were jolted back into the seat when the car kicked off. ‘How’s the torque?! That’s crazy. That is absolute madness – let’s do that again,’ one man said with a massive smile sprawled on his face. A female passenger joked that the intense speed made her feel ill.”

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