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Odd news from around the world

Australian bicycle rider caught six times over legal alcohol limit : “A Brisbane bicycle rider has recorded a blood alcohol content (BAC) reading more than six times the legal limit. The cyclist was caught in Stafford in the city’s north on Friday, on what was Day 10 of the Queensland Police Service’s (QPS) Christmas Road Safety Campaign. Police alleged he had a BAC of 0.321. So far this campaign QPS has issued more than 12,473 infringement notices.”

‘Devil tree’ burning from the inside and with NO smoke: “A group of hikers apparently became freaked out after encountering a tree burning from the inside in Ohio. The incident happened in Defiance, Ohio, which is located about 60 miles outside of Toledo. The person filming aims the camera at the top of the tree, which is engulfed in flames from the inside. The video shows bright orange colored flames raging from top to bottom inside of the tree. There does not appear to be any fire damage on the outside of the tree or a sign of a fire burning anywhere nearby. It’s unclear how the tree caught fire in that manner, but a few people who have left a comment about the video that the hikers shared to YouTube have labeled it as the ‘Devil Tree.’ Tree fires similar to the ones the hikers filmed can sometimes be caused by lighting bolts. In addition, wildfires can also spread by roots burning underground and then up into the insides of large trees.

Another triumph of British food: “A woman was horrified when she paid ¬£45 for a luxury Christmas meal of turkey with all the trimmings and was given a dry, paltry plate of food. Derri Burdon was so disappointed with her Christmas Day meal at the Whistling Wren in Leigh, Greater Manchester, she took to Facebook to share her experience. ‘We were at the Whistling Wren in Leigh. I have complained to Marston’s but was told the meal was as they would expect apart from it being served on the wrong size plate (I expect the plate should have been smaller). ‘The service on the day was awful too. The table didn’t have a cloth and was set as it would be on a normal day. Not the stuff memories are made of.’ A spokesman for Marston’s Brewery said Ms Burdon had been given a full refund for her meal on the day and said the price included champagne on arrival, starter, main, dessert and coffee and mints, which was not captured on the photograph.”

A kid who REALLY likes watermelon: “The boy who instantly shot to internet stardom after being filmed eating a watermelon – skin and all – at a cricket match, has been revealed as the son of a radio host. Dubbed watermelon boy, the boy appeared on television screens across Australia during the broadcast of a women’s big bash cricket match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Saturday afternoon. His bizarre technique of chewing right through the rind with apparent relish caught the eyes of many and he was quickly elevated to stardom. And his father, Melbourne’s SEN 1116 radio host and sports reporter Tony Schibeci, provided the answer to the biggest question about watermelon boy – did he finish it? Well, almost. Schibeci posted photos on Twitter of his son – believed to be called Mitch – with his final effort on the watermelon, of which little was left.”

Mystery of the man who didn’t exist: “The mystery surrounding a British man found dead in Australia has deepened further after police said he is not the man they thought he was. The man – who officers initially believed was called Paul Lachlan – was discovered dead in his Manly apartment, in Sydney, in November 2014. His body was found with a medicare card and gym membership in the name of Lachlan, but police have now said they understand this to have been a fake alias. Investigators said they could find no trace of a Lachlan having entered Australia from England in the 1990s or any evidence to support the story he told friends that he migrated to the country from Manchester 20 years ago. They have now concluded no-one by the name of Paul Lachlan ever existed and the dead man had gone to extreme lengths to cover-up his true identity. After his death – not thought to be suspicious – police began ‘extensive’ inquiries to try and find out who he was. But immigration could not find evidence of him entering the country – no passport, no travel documents, The Daily Telegraph reported.”

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