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Odd news from around the world

Bright sparks: “Two teenagers were run over and killed by a truck driver after lying on a dimly lit road outside Antayla Airport in Turkey, trying to photograph the planes flying overhead. They were among a group of five young men who rented a car and drove from Alanya to Antayla, an 83-mile stretch along the Mediterranean coast. Çağlar Savaşçı, 19, and Muhammet Bozkurt, 17, were killed when a 27-year-old truck driver failed to spot the teenagers and ran them over. he three others managed to roll out of the way at the last minute. Uğur Üstündağ, the truck driver, called the police, who later said the five had been drinking. Blood alcohol tests have been ordered.”

‘SPIDERCAR’ can climbs walls and even drive on the ceiling: “Disney’s latest invention redefines the understanding of what ‘drives you up the wall.’ The wall-climbing robot called VertiGo is equipped with four wheels and two propellers, which allow it flip upward and move from the ground to the wall. It can drive smoothly on a vertical surface, maintaining its hold even when perpendicular to the ground. In order to drive up walls, VertiGo has two propellers mounted on its back; while the rear propeller thrusts toward the wall, the other thrusts upward. Using integrated servomotors, the inner and outer rings of the thrusters can be moved independently, giving the robot its gravity-defying abilities. This concept, born of Disney Research Zurich and ETH, aims to make robots more versatile for both urban and indoor environments. The unique design allows the robot to drive over grass, hard ground, and even indented surfaces.”

Man jumps on an alligator’s back and straps her jaws shut: “A mother alligator is seen hissing and thrashing to protect her young as Australian wildlife staff try to collect her eggs in a nest raid to help with the incubation process. Fifty-one eggs were taken from the American female alligator named ‘Betsy’ at the Australian Reptile Park on the Central Coast of New South Wales during an annual nest raid on Tuesday. The careful collection involved lifting each egg ‘without rolling it’ so as not to drown the babies developing inside. Footage released from the park shows Head of Reptiles, Billy Collett and Tim Faulkner, the General Manager at the park prodding the mother alligator with a stick and jumping on her back to clamp her jaw shut with yellow electrical tape. This is done so that the collection process of the eggs is ‘safe’ for the trainers. Mr Collett said: ‘Betsy was all fired up protecting her nest proving for a very dangerous and difficult capture.'”

Pink hippo!: “This rare pink hippo may look out of place against its herd – but it has developed unique ways of surviving in the wild. The hippo – which was pictured at a Kenyan nature reserve – is not an albino but is in fact leucistic, a condition where the pigmentation of cells in an animal fail to develop properly. Leucism can often affect an animal’s chances of survival as it makes them visible to predators – and also leaves them at risk of sunburn. But hippos have an advantage in that they are big enough to defend themselves against attackers as well being able to use their sweat as sun screen. This particular hippo was seen in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve this winter and was photographed by French couple Laurent and Dominique Renaud”.

Fatguts gets stuck in sportscar: “A man was in need of some help when he attempted to get out of a BMW sports car. But instead of lending a hand, his son and friends stood around laughing hysterically as he rolled about in the passenger seat while struggling to exit the vehicle. The video was captured in an unconfirmed location in England. The clip begins with the man looking rather pleased with himself as he opens the door of the low-slung sports car – believed to be a BMW i8. He takes off his belt and grabs the roof of the car with his left hand while manoeuvring his feet outside the vehicle. At first everything appears to be going to plan but after struggling to get his right foot out from under the seat he loses his balance and falls backwards. The man struggles to exit to car for a little while longer and appears to be defeated by the low roof, which prevents him from sitting up. Eventually the man is able to shuffle more of his body out of the car however, freeing up enough room for him to sit up in the seat. He then squeezes his head out of the small gap – his face continues to wear a smile – and exits the vehicle.”

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