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There is an old Polish tradition that says that at midnight on Christmas Eve animals can speak with human voices (this being a gift from baby Jesus as animals proved far more hospitable and welcoming to him on his day of birth than humans). I can now officially, in a world exclusive, confirm this is not true; Caesar just kept purring. It is true, however, that in Poland, due to a large consumption of alcohol during Christmas Eve dinners, by midnight many humans can speak with animal voices. Small miracles.




Odd news from around the world

‘Modern dance is like the jerking legs of a galvanised frog,’ says philosopher: “Modern dancing has lost its sense of connection and consists mainly of people jerking at each other ‘like the legs of a galvanised frog’, an eminent philosopher has claimed. In a collection of essays to be published in the spring, professor Roger Scruton laments the way people now dance ‘at’ each other instead of ‘with’ a partner. The 71-year-old claims dancers in clubs and bars across the country now also avoid eye contact due to a loss in understanding of what form of contact should occur during the interaction. According to The Observer, he writes: ‘They are dancing at each other. The difference between ‘at’ and ‘with’ is one of the deepest psychological differences we know. He went on to describe the dances of his youth, in which the opportunity of physical contact unlike that of other social conventions was the basis of dancing’s allure.”

Technology helps find lost ring: “A New Jersey man was reunited with his wedding ring this month after it fell off his finger and sank to the bottom of the ocean while he was fishing. Bradford, 27, and boat captain Nick Barsa returned to the spot four days later with salvage diver Mark Thompson. Barsa steered the boat using GPS coordinates to the exact spot where the ring was lost, while dealing with 35-mile-per-hour winds and a big southeast swell. Thompson, who said he has found people’s lost cellphones and watches in the ocean, dove in and searched rock ledges and sifted through thousands of mussels. He said he found the ring resting on a rock about 30 feet down after only ten minutes of searching.

New treasure unearthed by archaeologists at 2,000-year-old royal tombs in China: “Gold plates are among the valuable items unearthed at the tomb of a Chinese emperor who died thousands of years ago. Archaeologists digging at the royal tombs of the Marquis of Haihun State of the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 24) uncovered large quantities of gold over the festive period. The cemetery, which contains eight tombs and a chariot burial site, has been studied for five years and has produced Wuzhu bronze coins, jade and thousands of other gold, bronze and iron items. According to China Daily, the royal tombs are the best preserved of the Western Han Dynasty ever found in the country. Other items found at the site include gold coins, hoof-shaped ingots, jade pendants, a distiller, horse-drawn vehicles, a board game and 2,000-year-old bronze lamps. The goose-shaped lamps, which would have been filled with water, were designed to dispose of the smoke inside the tomb.

Floods in Australia are different — with CROCS in the water: “Deadly floodwaters have claimed the life of an elderly woman and forced almost 500 residents in the Northern Territory’s Daly River community to evacuate their homes, with reports crocodiles have entered the community in the rising waters and dragging away local dogs. An elderly woman tragically drowned in Beswick on Sunday – an hour and a half west of Katherine – when the car she was travelling in with four other occupants became stranded in a floodway on Dook Creek. Locals also claim they saw a saltwater crocodile drag away two dogs in the Daly River region and there have been reported sightings of crocodiles near homes by people evacuating on helicopters. One of the creatures was spotted in the middle of a footy field”

Revealed: The obscure law that allows Prince Charles to set off nuclear bombs: “An obscure law allows the Prince of Wales to set off nuclear bombs without fear of punishment, a new study has revealed. Prince Charles is also exempt from punishment for breaching the Data Protection Act and has better legal protection over his properties than other landowners. According to The Sunday Times, Dr Kirkhope went through government archives, met with officials and used the Freedom of Information Act to discover the information, which looks closely at Prince Charles’ role as the Duke of Cornwall. The title comes with a 700-year-old estate that grants the heir to the throne an income, but also provides special quirks, such as power over ‘crown roads’ – thoroughfares that cannot be altered without the Duchy’s permission. Dr Kirkhope also found the Duchy excludes the prince from criminal liability on a number of laws including the Nuclear Explosions (Prohibition and Inspections) Act 1998, the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Data Protection Act 1998.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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