A well received Christmas gift

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Little Ruby Ryan really wanted those “Frozen” dolls




Odd news from around the world

Why 3pm is the best time for making love: “The best time of day to make love is 3pm – when most of us are at work. That’s apparently when men and women are most in tune with each other’s desires. In the afternoon, women have high levels of the hormone cortisol, which helps alertness, and are at their most energetic. Around the same time, men have elevated levels of oestrogen, making them ‘more emotionally present’ during sex. Hormone expert Alisa Vitti, described 3pm as the ‘afternoon delight’, saying it was the perfect compromise for both sexes’ satisfaction, with men giving women the ‘emotional support’ they crave while still getting plenty of enjoyment. However, the late afternoon is another good time for men to have sex because, while their testosterone levels go down, their oestrogen levels rise.

Embarrassing: “A woman who walked in on her boss kissing a male co-worker at an office Christmas party was paid thousands of dollars to leave her job. The New Zealand woman was pressured to leave her job by her embarrassed boss and his wife, who also works at the company, offered her a lump sum payment just weeks after the mistletoe mishap, according to the New Zealand Herald. The payment, believed to be a couple of thousand dollars, was agreed upon during a disciplinary meeting but no one walked away happy, a source said. After hearing rumours fluttering around the office the man’s wife insisted she partake in the negotiations and appeared to be less than pleased during the negotiations. ‘[Her husband] looked very sheepish the whole time. He wasn’t very happy either. No one wins in this situation,’ the source said.

School lunch lady fired for giving free meal to hungry kid is offered her job back: “AN AMERICAN school cafeteria worker who said she was fired for giving a student a free meal costing $1.70 has her job back after a national outcry. Dalene Bowden, from Idaho, received a termination letter from the Pocatello School District last week after she gave a tray of food to a 12-year-old student who said she didn’t have money for the meal. The letter cited theft as the reason for her dismissal. Ms Bowden, who worked at Irving Middle School in Pocatello in the south east of the state, said a supervisor placed her on leave after witnessing what she had done. However, the district said in a statement on Wednesday night that it doesn’t fire workers for single events and offered Ms Bowden her job back in the spirit of the holidays. It’s not clear if she will return.”

British Pub called the Blackcock Inn has its Facebook page suspended for ‘racist or offensive language’: “A pub called the Blackcock Inn has had its Facebook page banned for ‘racist or offensive language’ due to its name, according to its manager. The watering hole has served customers in Llanfihangel Talyllyn in the Brecon Beacons, Wales, under the name since 1840 – but the social media giant banned its page after a complaint from a member of the public. Manager Lee Garrett said he had tried to explain the situation to Facebook but had not had a reply and was not expecting the ban to be lifted. He added: ‘We live in a historically agricultural area and there are plenty of cockerel based names for pubs around here. We have the Three Cocks, the Cock Inn, the Cock Hotel; it’s just a name.’

Selfie craze sends make-up sales soaring: “Selfies have driven a soar in make-up sales as women constantly touch up their faces to look camera-ready, a new report claims. The craze, started by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, has boosted sales of cosmetics by £59.3million in the past year. Growth from selfies, as well as other factors including industry innovations and video bloggers, brought total sales to £816.4million. Trade magazine The Grocer said yesterday: ‘The culture of snapping one’s self at every turn is one of the trends that has contributed to the cosmetic category’s good looks.’ Cosmetic market data from analysts Nielsen shows that the concealer sector has been the biggest contributor to growth adding £12.1 million to sales. In addition, eyebrow make-up added £10.6 million and lip colour £10.3 million.

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