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Odd news from around the world

Denmark defends plans to strip migrants of their jewellery and valuables: “Denmark has defended plans for police to search asylum seekers’ luggage for valuables and cash after they prompted international outrage and drew comparisons to Nazi Germany. The Danish government has proposed to bring refugees in line with unemployed Danes, who can only get social benefits if they sell any valuables and assets above 10,000 kroner (£976). Valuables worth more than 10,000 Danish kroner would be seized upon applying for asylum, and then used to pay for lodging, language classes, health care and job training courses. Stojberg, an immigration hardliner of the ruling right-wing Venstre party, added that ‘in Denmark you have to try for yourself if you can.’ Items of personal significance, such as wedding rings, as well as mobile phones will be exempt, according to the government’s proposal.

Hungry great white shark steals fisherman’s catch in Australia: “Two fisherman had a close encounter with a hungry 3.5 metre great white shark off Dunsborough on Thursday. Ash Roberts and John Borlini were out fishing attempting to catch some dhufish when the great white snapped a 2′ catch off Mr Robert’s line. “As you can see in the video, it took my catch in a single bite,” Mr Roberts said. “It [the dhufish] fell off the release weight and I was rigging up a heavier weight for it when the shark showed up so I decided my limbs were more important. “It hung around and had a little lunge at the boat so we took off.”

Elderly couple live in a WELL for over 10 years to save rent: “An elderly couple from Zhenzhou, the capital of east China’s Henan province, have found a solution to making use of a disused underground space. The duo – known only as Ma Fulai and his wife – have been living in what appears to be a well and they have transformed the old pit into their special home, reports The People’s Daily Online. They reportedly first moved into the 16-foot-deep well over 10 years ago, which is located minutes away from the university where they both work. Report suggested the pit was used by the school as a generator room before the couple moved in. Inside their fully furnished underground haven, the couple share a space that measures around 538 square feet. According to the report, their children occasionally come to visit them, entering down the ladder that leads from the hole in the ground above. Even though the space in their home is small, it’s air conditioned, and they have all the supplies they need inside”

Female staff in hijabs, prayers before take-off and no alcohol: Muslims climb aboard Malaysia’s first Shariah-compliant airline: “Malaysia’s first Islamic-compliant airline Rayani Air has launched, with its maiden flight taking off from the capital to the resort island of Langkawi yesterday. In-flight meals served on board its flights are completely halal, with alcohol consumption strictly prohibited, in compliance with Shariah laws. The dress code is also reflective of Shariah guidelines, as Muslim flight crew must wear the hijab while non-Muslim crew have to be decently dressed. There will also be prayer recitals on the plane before take-off. There are already other shariah-friendly carriers operating around the world, and UK-based Firnas Airways is planning to offer similar flights next year. Muslim-majority Malaysia has long practised a moderate form of Islam but conservative attitudes are rising.”

Now toddlers know how to use a touchscreen by the age of two: “It will come as no surprise to many parents – but scientists have discovered that most toddlers can use a touchscreen gadget by the age of two. Some gifted youngsters are even using smartphones or tablet computers when as young as 12 months old, the researchers found. A team of scientists analysed the ability of toddlers to swipe, unlock or search on a modern touchscreen device. They found that the average age at which most toddlers could carry out the tasks was at their second birthday. Health officials for years have warned that parents should limit the time that children spend staring at a screen. But the authors of the new study, from Cork University Hospital in Ireland, suggest that instead of being unhealthy for a child, time spent on touchscreen devices could actually benefit their development.”

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