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Odd news from around the world

Veiled woman hits back when a pervert pinches her bottom at a Moroccan market sending him flying: “This is the hilarious moment a pervert got his comeuppance after he pinched a large woman on the bottom and was sent flying into a market stand in retaliation. The sex pest victim was covered up from head to toe in an olive coloured veil when she suddenly felt a sharp pinch to her bottom as she bent down near a motorbike. The middle-aged man is sent crashing into the nearby shopping stand by the furious woman in Inezgane near Agadir. In one swift moment, the shocked woman turns round and lashes out with all her force at the vile pervert, sending him flying. Captured on CCTV, the woman’s impressive right hook leaves the man on the ground as he collides with a nearby market stall. It initially looked as if the mystery bottom pincher had made a conscious decision to stay down and not risk a second whack by getting up. But local reports said he was unconscious for more than two hours after hitting his head on the pavement as he fell.”

Amazon customers incensed as even the tiniest of items are delivered in huge packages: “Frustrated Amazon customers have taken to Twitter to voice their frustration at the excessive amount of packaging that the online retailer uses. One Twitter user Sabine Heinlein showed off the huge cardboard box that Amazon used to send her a packet of camera lens protector rings. She tweeted the company: ‘What an incredibly wasteful way of packaging a tiny unbreakable item.’ In response, a member of Amazon’s customer service team tweeted back: ‘I’ll be happy to pass this picture along to our Shipping Department for you.’ Other shoppers who expressed just how fed-up they were over the huge boxes flagged up that Amazon also stuffs large brown wrapping paper along with the item. The excessive amount of packaging on display goes against the pledge Amazon made in 2008 when it promised to slash the amount of packaging it used. In 2008, following complaints, Amazon signed up to the Frustration Free Packaging initiative under which it vowed to cut back on excess wrapping. But these images suggest that it has not been entirely successful.

Pastors give drunk women thongs to wear: “Pastors who give away flip-flops to drunken women in high heels are set to hand out their 10,000th pair this weekend – in celebratory gold. Police started dishing out the free beach shoes in 2008 to worse-for-wear revellers who were struggling to totter home in Torquay, Devon. Three years later, the scheme was handed over to Church charity Torbay Street Pastors. Co-ordinator Trevor Staveley said: ‘Flip-flops save the recipients from stepping on broken glass and possibly ending up at A&E – not the best end to a night out.’

That old vase on the shelf? It’s a £363k Chinese treasure made for Emperor Qianlong: “A vase kept on the mantelpiece of a four-bedroom suburban house has sold for £363,000 – after it was found to have been made for a Chinese emperor. The value of the 12in-high vase was discovered only after its owner died and auctioneers were called in to look over the estate. They noticed the vase, kept above the fireplace of the Leicestershire home, had a red six-character seal mark showing that it had been made for Emperor Qianlong between 1736 and 1795. It had been valued at £30,000 but sold for £300,000, with fees taking the price to £363,000. ‘It is well-known that the Chinese are very keen on buying back their lost heritage, much of which ended up in Britain, and the vase was purchased by an agent acting on behalf of a Chinese buyer.’ The vase is decorated in polychrome enamels with seven good-luck symbols.

His restaurant is so popular he only has to open it twice a week: “Masaaki Koyoma is the face behind Tasmania’s favourite sushi bar, with customers travelling hours just to taste his mouth-watering Japanese cuisine. The chef moved to Australia from Japan for a girl, and fell head-over-heals for a tiny country town called Geeveston, and introduced them to his hometown cuisine. ‘At first many people didn’t know what sushi was,’ he said. ‘I really wanted to show them Japanese cuisine but they weren’t ready for raw fish. So I started with cooked fish, and then pickled and tempura,’ he said. The sushi chef and his restaurant Masaaki’s is so well renowned in Tasmania that he only needs to work three days a week. ‘First I started with seven, then six then four days, but it was too busy I had too much preparation so now I just open Friday and Saturday and do the market on Sunday. ‘If I did anymore I would have to start making sushi the night before, but it is only best fresh. ‘The markets have been really good for publicity, people come from Hobart just for my sushi.'”

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