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Odd news from around the world

Could YOU lose weight in your SLEEP? People with healthy gut bacteria ‘burn more calories at night’: “It sounds too good to be true – you can burn calories and lose weight, even while you sleep. Yet, a team of scientists have discovered for a lucky group of people, that dream is a reality. They found the burning of calories overnight is driven by the microbes in our gut. Researchers found that healthy levels of bacteria in the gut leads to burning calories while we sleep. They determined this by focusing on the effects of riepseridone – an antipsychotic drug that causes ‘significant weight gain’ – on the composition of gut microbiomes in mice. Study author Dr John Kirby, a professor of microbiology and urology, said: ‘Our research leads to the conclusion that it is probably bacteria (in the gut) that are responsible for the calories you burn while you are asleep.”

Kiddy Christmas wisdom: “Today’s generation of British children have revealed their own take on the birth of baby Jesus as they prepare to perform in a traditional Nativity play. When faced with some questions on the details of the Biblical tale, the children had some hilarious responses. When asked what the angel who visited Mary was called, one little girl, Elouisa, declared: ‘Nigel’. She added that she would like to take on the role of Joseph in their play as ‘boys in the old days had long hair and I have long hair.’ When asked ‘who visited baby Jesus in the stable?’ six-year-old Jayda responded with a surprising guest on her list. ‘Sheeps, the Three Wise Men and a penguin,’ she said. Meanwhile Luke wasn’t sure what the shepherds were doing at the stables in the first place. ‘Didn’t they make lasagne?’ he asked. The three wise men also caused confusion for some with Tia saying: ‘You mean Snow White and the seven wolves? Those?’ According to the children, the gifts they gave to baby Jesus were ‘wine, gold and mercy’ and ‘Frankenstein and money’. When asked what country Jesus was born in, the answers included Manchester and London.”

It’s midsummer in Australia so man cooks a steak in his car: “As South Australia swelters through four days of 40C+ weather, Max Wooldridge, 26, decided to harness the oven-like properties of his 2005 Monaro’s interior to turn raw slabs of steak into a tasty lunch. In typical Australian fashion, the idea was hatched over a few drinks down the pub. Mr Wooldridge conducted his experiment in the carpark at work, putting a steak in a silver tray around 10am and popping outside regularly to check the temperature and take photos. “We moved it up on the dash around 10.30 and it was done by twenty past 12.” “When I brought it in from the car my mate came in and we both ate it and before we did we made sure we gave it a lick with the gas torch because we weren’t convinced the outside had reached 72 degrees, but the inside turned out to be about a medium rare.” “I was surprised at how quickly the steak cooked – it was honestly just over an hour-and-a-half.”

‘Worst food in America’ banned: “IF YOU’RE a prisoner in America, you know that you’ve misbehaved if this lands on your plate. Nutraloaf (or as it’s sometimes creatively nicknamed ‘disciplinary brick,’ ‘confinement loaf,’ or the especially appetising ‘special management meal’), can come in varying shades of grey and brown, can be eaten without a knife and fork, and is usually made up of a motley selection of ingredients that have no business being baked together. It has enough nutritional value to keep you alive … but you may wish to die after tasting the first mouthful. But there’s good news for prisoners in those New York prisons — they will no longer have to choke down this horrific concoction. On Wednesday it was announced nutraloaf was being removed from the menu. Other states are also trying to ban the brick, claiming that it violates civil rights”

SLEEPING on a motorbike: “There’s definitely a time and a place for a nap, and this little girl decided that place was the back of her mother’s scooter. Filmed in Duc Linh, Vietnam from an adjacent vehicle, we see the girl sleeping astride the bike and lying flat on her back. Her arms hang by her side as she kips, dead to the world. The potential danger of the situation and the noise of the traffic unfaze her. Her smartly dressed mother, who is driving, sports a helmet although the child does not. The girl has straps around her shoulders which it is hoped are keeping her tied to the scooter! Duc Linh is a rural district of Bình Thuận Province in the Southeast region of Vietnam. In Vietnam alone there are more than 37million motorbikes or scooters – the vehicle of choice in traffic that would make western country’s peak hours look tame. All sorts are frequently transported on the backs of bikes in Southeast Asia, including live chickens, goats, ladders, bags of goldfish…not to mention entire families of four or five people.”

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