I wonder what they grow in Hawaii?

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A creative Xmas tree at Hilo Farmers Market




Odd news from around the world

South Korea shuts living people in caskets to tackle record suicide rate: “FORTY-THREE people kill themselves every day in South Korea, more than anywhere else in the world. The statistic is staggering, but so is the solution. To curb the deadly trend, entrepreneurs in the suicide capital of the world have developed a massively-popular ritual, one that involves getting as close to death as possible without actually dying: Mock funerals. Participants write wills and farewell letters to family members. They dress in white robes and, to complete the emotional journey, they climb into wooden caskets and contemplate their deaths. Inside their coffin, one replete with a breathing hole to avoid actual death, South Koreans spend 10 minutes in complete darkness. As morbid as the exercise may sound, it is hoped they realise life is worth living.”

An instinctive gentleman: “When cyclist Agustin Navarro’s rival suffered a puncture near the finish line of a big competition, it was the perfect opportunity for him to speed into third place and win the bronze medal. But in an incredible display of sportsmanship, Mr Navarro slowed down and refused to overtake competitor Ismael Esteban, following him as he ran along the road with his bike on his shoulders. Mr Esteban, 32, who had been in third place for the majority of the Santa Barbara cyclo-cross race in Cantabria, northern Spain, was only 300 metres from the finish line when his tyre gave out. The puncture forced him to hoist his bike – which had been giving him trouble throughout the gruelling race – onto his shoulders. He then started sprinting in a bid to keep his position. Seconds later, Mr Navarro, 37, caught up with him – and could have easily sped past him. But in a touching move, he slowed right down and let Mr Esteban finish the race ahead of him.

Brazilian ‘Human Barbie’ with a 20-inch waist and a 32F chest claims her doll-like features are REAL: “A Brazilian woman who has been likened to a ‘human Barbie’ claims her appearance is natural and she hasn’t had plastic surgery or starved herself to be thin. Andressa Damiani, from Blumenau, who has a 20-inch waist and wears a 32F bra size, boasts the same facial features as a doll – including huge eyes and long legs. The 23-year-old has found fame in her native country with passers-by on the street calling her ‘Elsa’ because of her resemblance to the character in Disney’s Frozen. Andressa says that people do not believe she has not had surgery and call her a ‘liar’ with others being frightened by her appearance and running away. She said: ‘People don’t believe me when I say I have never had any plastic surgery and they think I starve myself because I’m so thin.”

Who thought THAT was a good idea? ‘Five star hotel for elephants’ features a very questionably placed slide: “Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal today officially opened Elephant Eden – an eagerly-awaited breeding habitat for the animals. Billed as a ‘five star hotel for elephants’, the 20-acre plot at Noah’s Ark Zoo in Bristol has been specially designed to provide the African giant with top-notch care and plenty of space to roam. Noah’s Ark unveiled its new children’s ‘Elephant Play Zone’, built alongside the barn, which likely raised a few eyebrows with the addition of a (perhaps unwittingly) comical piece of apparatus. The four-metre-high elephant statue, to scale, features a sizeable slide which runs through the elephant, positioned so that its facilitators zoom out of its backside.

Cat loses its trousers: “A picture of a cat with half of its body shaved has gone viral after its hairless limbs provoked gleeful comparisons with ‘a chicken breast’. Reddit user Edwardwrongtu, believed to be from the US, posted the photograph of his friend’s pet on Imgur which showed the fluffy ginger feline without any fur from the waist down apart from its tail. Edwardwrongtu posted the image last night with the caption: ‘My friend’s cat had surgery and now he has no pants.’ One commenter joked: ‘The bottom half looks like an uncooked turkey,’ while another thought called it ‘half cat, half raw chicken breast.’ One joked the cat appeared to be pulling a similar pose as in Titanic when Rose is drawn naked aside from a necklace by Jack. Some people were not happy to look at the image as it made them feel ‘uncomfortable’ as this poster wrote because of the cat’s ‘nakedness’. It’s unclear what kind of surgery the cat had which was made it necessary to remove so much fur from his body.”

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