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Anastasya Zelenova as Han




Odd news from around the world

NIGHT milk: “A warm, milky drink before bed has long been a firm favourite for those wanting a good night’s shut eye. But now a study has found it really does have sleep-enhancing properties – if it was milked from a cow at night. Researchers have discovered that ‘night milk’ contains more tryptophan and melatonin, compounds proven to aid sleep and reduce anxiety. The body converts trytophan into serotonin – a natural hormone in the body that can make you sleepy. The discovery has led scientists to believe that the sleep-promoting effects of milk is more than just psychological associations, such as mother’s giving children it at bed time. ‘Considering the fact that tryptophan and melatonin are abundant in night milk, it is possible that the sedative effect of night milk may be attributable to these substances,’ the study authors wrote. The study, by researchers from Sahmyook University in Seoul, South Korea, involved mice being fed with dried milk powder made from cows milked in both the day and night.”

Air India worker is sucked into jet engine and killed instantly: “A member of Air India’s ground crew has been sucked in to an aircraft’s engine and killed instantly. The incident happened earlier today at Mumbai Airport in India while the aircraft was preparing for departure to Hyderabad. The technician was killed after being sucked into the jet engine during push back at 9pm local time. Air India has said it is ‘deeply saddened’ by what it described as a ‘mishap’ and a ‘tragic’ incident. The aircraft, AI 619, was at a parking bay at the airport’s T2 Terminal and was preparing for departure to Hyderabad. An airport official told Hindustan Times: ‘The body is still stuck in the engine, efforts are going on to retrieve it.’ It is not yet clear how the worker came to be so close to the engine. Air India bosses are yet to say how many people were on board the plane and whether any passengers had witnessed the incident.”

IKEA forced to deny they are selling Swastika-shaped table named Hadølf: “IKEA has been forced to deny that they are selling a table shaped like a swastika after a doctored image was posted online. The picture, claiming to be from an Italian IKEA catalogue shows a swastika table called Hadølf, sparked online outrage after it went viral in Germany. The flatpack furniture giant is now planning on taking legal action once they have tracked down the source of the doctored photograph. ‘It is of course clear that such a table is not part of our program, either in Italy or anywhere else,’ an IKEA spokesperson told The Berliner Zeitung. In addition to the obvious – that no such table exists – Hadølf’s fake price of 88 euro is another loud hoax alarmbell. The number 88 has long been an abbreviation code for Heil Hitler, as the letter H is the eighth in the alphabet.

Irish woman finds a complete stranger from Sweden who looks IDENTICAL: “An Irish woman is the latest woman to discover she has a doppelganger who looks so like her her own father struggled to tell them apart. Shannon Lonergan, 21, from County Kerry, Ireland, discovered her lookalike online on the website Twin Strangers after being contacted by Sara Nordstrom, 17, from Sweden. The pair both share the same blonde hair and facial features which Shannon said ‘frightened’ her when she met Sara, and even her father did a double take at how similar Sara looked when they met up in Dublin. Shannon said: ‘When I opened the door and saw Sara standing there, literally my heart jumped into my mouth. ‘We had the exact same expressions, pout, smile. It’s so weird.’ Shannon, a business student, had signed up to the Twin Strangers site over the summer. Sara joined the site last month and after a couple of searches, she came across Shannon. The pair then arranged to meet up in Dublin with Sara flying from Orebro, Sweden, where she goes to boarding school.”

What did Jesus really look like?: “A FORENSIC expert has recreated the face of Jesus resulting in a look that’s a far cry from the tall, Caucasian man that we know. Using a new scientific field known as forensic anthropology, British scientists teamed up with Israeli archaeologists to create a computer-generated picture to show what the Son of God may have looked like. The Mirror reports the striking image was created by Richard Neave, a retired medical artist from the University of Manchester, who used forensic anthropology usually used to solve crimes. He used the fact that before Christ’s death, Judas Iscariot had to tell the soldiers who Jesus was because they could not tell him apart from his disciples. The only conclusion was he had dark eyes and the research team decided that Jesus had dark eyes, hair and skin, like his counterparts and was bearded in the Jewish tradition. They also concluded that he was only around 150 centimetres tall and had short hair, probably with tight curls.

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