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Odd news from around the world

Last Class: Airlines coin new term for the cheapest seats on flights: “Whilst airlines have not formally designated a new class of service, experts said that they are informally using the term Last Class to refer to the cheapest seats. While some of the seats may be the same as those taken by economy passengers, the services available, costs and flexibility is likely to be much worse. Passengers who buy them are not allowed to make changes, cannot get a refund and cannot choose their seat in advance. That is the payoff for the lower price, said Phil Derner, Jr., founder of the global industry news site NYCAviation. He said: ‘Last class exists because the airlines are a business. ‘The airlines that really need to meet their bottom line in a big way are going to push the limits of what they can get away with, and those particular airlines do so because their passengers allow it by patronising them’.”

Santa pissing on ISIS: “A Maine family has a Christmas display they find patriotic but their neighbors seem to find tasteless. The display, which is outside a house in Limerick, shows Santa ‘peeing’ off the top rail of a deck via a stream of white lights down on the word ISIS spelled out in illuminated letters. Neighbors called the York County Sheriff’s Office about the controversial display on Friday. Deputies spoke with homeowner and he agreed to rearrange the lights so that it was clear the display was showing an anti-Islamic State message, according to the Portland Press Herald. Sheriff William King Jr said: ‘no law was broken and we did not tell him to take the lights down or to reconfigure anything’. He said the homeowner believed the display was ‘pro-America’. King added: ‘He doesn’t like what’s going on in the world, so he wanted to make his own little political statement.”

Insane mothers: “Parents are deliberately exposing their children to the potentially deadly chickenpox disease in a bizarrely popular anti-vaccination trend. Hollie Singleton, a young mother-of-two from Norman Park in Brisbane’s inner-east, invited other parents to bring their children around to play with hers when they had the illness, according to The Courier Mail. ‘My son has a full case of chickenpox. We are all home together for the week,’ she wrote on Facebook. ‘If anyone wants to clear this bug now and get it over with please come to Brisbane and visit us. We are here to infect only those who want it!’ Child heath expert Dr Sam Hay told Channel Nine’s Today Show reports of the parties were extremely concerning. ‘What you are doing is exposing those children to potential complications, you’re exposing them to – when they’re adults – shingles and chronic pain down the track. ‘Don’t send your kids (to these parties).You wouldn’t put your kids in a car and not put a seat belt on them.

Father beats COBRA to death to avenge his son: “Footage shows the moment a father in India beat a highly-venomous King Cobra to death with his bare hands. The father can be seen seizing the massive snake by the tail and hauling it from a tree, before mercilessly beating it against the ground. He clutches the dying animal’s tail as he swings it in circles around his body, beating its head repeatedly against the dirt track. The snake, which is one of the most venomous species in the world, had reportedly killed the man’s young son before he killed it in a fit of rage. He eventually releases the dying animal, which twitches slightly on the ground before lying still. According to the National Geographic, King Cobras will avoid human contact when possible but are fiercely aggressive when cornered. Their potent venom is enough to kill 20 people, or even an elephant, with just one bite”

Collection of eight rare Brough Superior motorcycles discovered in a barn where they had been gathering dust for 50 years: “A collection of the ‘Rolls-Royces of the motorbike world’ which were made famous by Lawrence of Arabia has been discovered in a barn where they had been gathering dust for 50 years. Just 380 of the motorcycles were built. In good condition, these bikes are now selling for upwards of £300,000 each – although the bikes would sell for a fraction of the figure in their current condition because of the amount of work needed. The motorcycles were built in Nottingham, at founder George Brough’s factory in Haydn Road. Each motorcycle was assembled twice. It was put together first to ensure all the components fitted properly before it was taken apart, repainted and individually styled. Only then would it be reassembled before being test driven and then personally certified by George Brough.”

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  1. But, I thought it was Global Warming that caused murders!!!!

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