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Uses a mean right hook on a toy tiger




Odd news from around the world

One in five of the UK’s biggest charities are ‘spending less than half of public donations on good causes’: “Some of the country’s biggest charities have been branded an ‘utter disgrace’ after a new report claimed one in five of them is spending less than half of its public donations on good causes. The report, released today by the True and Fair Foundation, alleges a fifth of Britain’s best-known charities are putting less than 50 per cent of the funds raised for them toward ‘charitable activities’. Nearly 300 spend just 10 per cent – and The Lloyd’s Register Foundation uses only one per cent of the money raised by the public on charitable causes, according to the explosive document. Below the 50 per cent mark, the British Heart Foundation was said to spend an average of just 46 per cent of its cash on good work – while Age UK apparently gives a slightly higher 48 per cent.”

A politically correct Santa: “In today’s politically correct world, Father Christmas must safely negotiate the minefield of modern manners – and that is where School4Santas comes in. Tim Connaghan spotted a gap in the market and set up the world’s first Santa school to help colleagues avoid the pitfalls. The 67-year-old, who sports a snowy beard and flowing silver mane, has used his 17 years’ experience as a professional Santa to train more than 3,200 others on grotto etiquette. ‘The days of hoisting a kid on to your knee and giving them sweets is long gone,’ says Tim. ‘It’s a very PC world and even Santa has to follow the rules. Bringing festive cheer has turned into a science.’ The ‘golden rule’ is that parents are in charge: ‘I would never touch a child first. I allow the parents to hand the child to me and place them on my knee. That avoids any accidental touching. Your hands must be visible at all times.’ Santa no longer stocks sweets in his big red sack: ‘One Santa was sued after a child stabbed the top of his mouth with a candy cane. I hand out small toys, trading cards, coins, books. Candy rots teeth and causes hyperactive children.’

Car buying: Half of men will look under the bonnet of a used vehicle… but have no idea what for: “Half of men buying a used car will look under the bonnet – even though they know absolutely nothing about engines, a new survey has revealed. Buyers do so to try to appear knowledgeable, with 47 per cent of men and 41 per cent of women admitting they have tried the trick. More than half of all questioned (51 per cent) found hunting for a used car stressful, with a third of 25 to 30-year-olds saying the experience was as difficult as moving house. Nearly two-thirds (65 per cent) took a parent with them to offer moral support. And six out of ten young drivers – 17- to 20-year-olds – will ask a friend if the colour ‘suits them’. Max Vollenbroich, of used car retailer Carspring, which polled 1,000 people, said: ‘Buying a used car can be an emotionally daunting experience.’

Israel fires its Arrow: Ballistic missile interceptor is successfully tested: “Israel has successfully tested an advanced ballistic missile interceptor as the Jewish state seeks to upgrade its defences in the face of regional threats. The trial from an Israeli test range involved the Arrow 3 interceptor which is designed to shoot down missiles above the atmosphere. A similar test a year ago failed, but today’s successful trial could pave the way for the system to be introduced to Israel’s defence arsenal if it passes further tests. The Arrow project was first launched in 1988 as part of the then Star Wars programme under late US president Ronald Reagan that was abandoned in 1993. Arrow 3, developed jointly between the United States and Israel, is intended to serve as Israel’s uppermost missile interception system. Lower-altitude interception systems are either already deployed or close to being operational.

Two-year-old boxing sensation who can throw incredible combination punches: “A two-year-old boxing sensation proved the apple never falls far from the tree after he was filmed showcasing combination punches with his dad – a former British Masters title holder. Weighing in at 2st 2lbs and standing at a height of 3ft 1ins, Jacob-Jack Davies has taken the internet by storm after footage of him practising was viewed just shy of a million times online. The Barnsley-born bruiser demonstrated his ability to follow combination instructions from dad Ben Davies despite only being two-years-and-seven-months old. But even his dad was surprised by what happened after Jacob-Jack, who had only just learned how to talk, put on his boxing gloves. He said: ‘I was a bit taken back by the way he was whacking the bag to be honest. ‘So when he picked the pads up because he wanted to have a go with those I thought we might as well do it properly and started teaching him shots. ‘He took to it like walking really, ten months on and he’s doing 10-shot combination.

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