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Odd news from around the world

Now they want to put us in the cargo hold: “PASSENGERS, brace yourselves for this news. The engineers who earlier this year floated the rather nightmarish idea of the “Economy-Class Cabin Hexagon” are at it again, this time with plans to turn the cargo areas on passenger planes into passenger seating areas. Designers say that adding seats in the belly of the plane could allow airlines to fit more passengers on flights without sacrificing any legroom. The latest concept from the French aerospace firm would see passengers riding in a part of the plane previously only used for suitcases, mail and shipping containers. Video screens would help make up for a lack of windows. Vending machines would adequately replace a non-existent galley for refreshments and a spiral staircase is envisioned to help lower deck passengers feel connected with their upstairs neighbours. “On some routes there is a greater demand for transporting passenger than there is for transporting cargo, leaving a good amount of the cargo area unused,” designers noted in their patent application.”

Why cats love to knock things over: Researchers say even LIONS show that behaviour: “Cats are known for clawing at drapes and knocking over anything within their reach. This behaviour can be seen as annoying mischief, but specialists suggest there is a deeper meaning. This kind of conduct isn’t a way to feed their animal instincts, it’s just your cat demanding attention, they say. ‘Unlike dogs or cows that we’ve domesticated, cats are self-domesticated and don’t need humans to survive,’ Dr. Eric Doughtery of The Cat Practice told dailymail.com. ‘Cats use us and this is just a way of them getting what they want, which is probably to be fed or it could be their way of them telling us they’re ill.’ Doughtery explained that when cats hunt they go after small, fast objects that they see whizzing across the floor, not stationary objects on a table top or shelf. ‘There are things that can be done to stop or minimize this kind of behavior,’ said Doughtery. ‘Just know that cats are creatures of habit and any changes in their environment can make them upset.'”

Mexican Sergio Ramirez branded the world’s hottest policeman: “A GOOD-looking policeman has been whipping up a storm on social media with a mass of female admirers. The traffic officer, identified as 30-year-old Sergio Ramirez, has racked up thousands of followers on a Facebook page created in his honour. On the page, women from the city of Guadalajara in the west Mexican state of Jalisco have snapped various photos of the hunky cop, taken each time they spot him working. They then decided to share them on a Facebook page so that everybody could enjoy his muscle-hugging uniform. In just one week, the page has acquired more than 10,000 followers, mostly women, who have left appreciative comments on his photos. In a TV interview, Ramirez comments on the attention he has been receiving saying that his physical appearance is not important and that he is there to serve the city.

Smart kid: “A pupil scored points with the internet if not with the exam board when they answered a question on tornado safety with an unexpected response. The unnamed pupil, believed to be from the US, answered that the worst place to be during a tornado was to ‘circle one’, but this was just an instruction to mark one of the multiple-choice answers. The answer was posted to image-sharing site Imgur by Reddit user Patsfan94 and was applauded by users who pointed out that the pupil was correct. The question on the exam paper read: ‘In your opinion, which location would be the most dangerous during a tornado?’But the instruction ‘circle one’ was written before the answers and the pupil gave this as the answer. The student explained when prompted, ‘It is way to [sic] dangerous to circle a tornado.’ One Imgur user wrote: ‘This kid is going places. But not in a tornado, he’s too smart for that.'”

Schizophrenic cat: “You could be mistaken for thinking that somebody has been playing around with make-up. But Venus the cat is actually real, despite her striking appearance. The five-year-old tabby has taken the Internet by storm thanks to her unique face, which is black on one side and orange on the other. Her eyes are different too – her black side has a yellow one while her orange side has a blue one. Venus’s owners Christina and Chris got her from a dairy farm in North Carolina in 2009, where she was a stray. Quite how Venus looks the way she does has been the source of some speculation. Professor Lyons, who studies cat genetics, said her theory was that black coloration was randomly activated in all the cells on one side of her face while she was developing. The orange colouration was activated on the other and they met in the middle of her body while she was in the womb.”

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