A Detroit forgery

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WOW!! It’s a wonder this bill was ever caught!! Talk about PERFECT!!




Odd news from around the world

Nazi SS chief Heinrich Himmler’s Wanderer car goes up for sale: “A World War Two car that was used to transport a Nazi chief to death camps will soon be on the market. The Wanderer W11/1 was used to carry SS chief Heinrich Himmler to camps in Auschwitz and Majdanek and the killing fields in Russia as he oversaw the genocide of the Jews, gypsies, Communists and other foes of the Third Reich.The leader was pictured in the vehicle at Auschwitz – where more than a million people were killed. The Wanderer W11/1 appeared on the market for the first time in 1928 with a 2.5-liter six-in-line engine. But in 1933 the car, like the one up for sale, was developed for use of the German army with a three-litre engine designed to be an all terrain vehicle. Following the war the Wanderer ended up in a museum in Riga, in Latvia before it was sold to a private collector in the west.

Arctic grizzlies are taking on hungry polar bears feeding on whale carcasses in Alaska… and winning: “Retreating sea ice is forcing some polar bear populations to increasingly forage for food on land during summer and autumn. While washed-up bowhead whale carcasses make a good meal for the hungry bears, they are also proving a battleground between two species. Biologists have witnessed polar bears fleeing the rich source of nutrients after being chased away by smaller Arctic grizzly bears, which can be almost half the size of their polar cousins. Polar bears are the largest living land predator. An adult male can weigh between 772–1,543lbs (350–700 kg) and can measure between 7ft and 9ft 10 inches in length. Despite their size, however, they are also extremely stealthy – capable of creeping up on their usual prey, arctic seals, without them noticing. Adult grizzlies, by comparison grow up to 290–400 lb (130–180 kg) for females and 400–790 lb (180–360 kg) for males. They can grow up to 6ft long. However, this sub-species of the brown bear is an extremely adaptable, capable of taking advantage of a variety of food sources from salmon, to berries and large mammals like elk.”

The jet that could fly from New York to London in ONE HOUR: “Airbus is getting serious about its plans to fly passengers from London to New York in just one hour. The aircraft manufacturer today filed a second patent for a supersonic plane that could take people between the two cities faster than it takes to drive across London. The patent outlines designs for a huge rocket engine that would allow it to travel at more than 3,425 mph – more than four times the speed of sound. The patent drawings show two turbojet engines on either side of it of the plane’s body, which would fly the aircraft to a certain altitude. Once there, a huge rocket engine at the back of the plane would ignite, sending the plane vertically upwards to reach its final altitude. The initial boost will create a supersonic boom, and create drag on the vehicle which will be countered with anti-drag flaps. The flaps are designed to move in front of the jet engines when they are not in use so that the aircraft is more streamlined.

New glass seating area to go ON TOP of aircraft so passengers can enjoy 360-degree view of the sky: “Passengers on board jets may soon have a new way to pass long journeys – a glass SkyDeck area that would offer 360-degree views of the outside world. Designs by Windspeed Technologies show the unique seating area that is located within a protruding transparent pod through the top of the plane. The in-flight entertainment product is hoped to be a feature that can be installed on private jets as a VIP amenity or as a pay-per-view experience on passenger airliners. SkyDeck’s seats are designed to be rotated in any direction during the journey to provide unbeatable mile-high perspectives. The teardrop shape and shallow height have been chosen to not interfere with airflow across a plane’s fuselage and tail surfaces, with the aerodynamic profile minimising drag. An anti-condensation film would prevent fogging and canopies would have a UV-protection coating and be made from high-strength materials that are designed to withstand all load conditions including bird strikes.”

Batman enthusiast spent $250,000 creating a perfect replica of the Batmobile: “Mark Racop has spent the past 31 years carefully crafting the perfect replica, spending $250,000 researching and finally building it. And it has paid off: the 50-year-old now hires a team of 10 to help out on the shop floor. The team at Fiberglass Freaks work six days every week building the cars from the original television series – replicas which were officially recognized by DC Comics five years ago. The resulting creations – which take about eight months to build – cost anywhere from around $80,000 to as much as $220,000. Attention to detail is Mark’s special talent: he watched the entire television series on VHS and made detailed notes about the car to recreate it. As a result, his replicas are so accurate that its measurements were only about a quarter of an inch from the original car. ‘The car is made from a Lincoln Towncar – we strip it down to a bare frame. ‘Then we build it up with new suspension, steering, brakes and give it a fiberglass body.'”

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