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Odd news from around the world

New schools and homes in Britain must have windows that won’t open because fresh air is so polluted: “Fresh air in Britain is so polluted that new homes and even school in some areas are having to be built with windows that can’t open. Once thought to be vital to a healthy lifestyle, fresh air is now thought to be full of toxins that a mechanically-filtered option is preferable. Developers are now being told that they will only get permission to build on specific sites around the country if they work to stop polluted air getting into the building. They must also include a mechanical ventilation system in the plans, to filter toxins out of the incoming air. The new ‘hermetic homes’ policy has been thought up by the Department for Communities and Local Government and is now being forced on councils. The hope is to transform Britain’s 1,400 square miles of air pollution zones back into land that is suitable for building. Under the new policy, developers will still be able to build in the land that had previously been abandoned.”

Pilot safely landed a private jet with no landing gear: “The moment a hero pilot landed a small plane in southern California with no landing gear was caught on camera. The private jet’s landing gear failed to open as the plane approached Palm Springs International Airport Friday around 3.20pm, officials said. Given the potentially deadly situation, the pilot of the private jet was forced to make a belly-landing at the small airport. As the plane hits the ground, it appears to smoothly glide across the pavement until it comes to a stop near the end of the runway. The video then shows a firetruck spraying the bottom of the plane to prevent a fire from igniting. Only the pilot and one other person were aboard the jet and no injuries were suffered.

Worms eat buried life-savings: “CHINESE fisherman Wu Chen didn’t trust the banks with his life-savings so he decided to bury it. After burying his stash in an ‘eco-friendly’ bag five years ago, Chen returned to withdraw some money recently only to discover most of it was gone. The bag was biodegradable, allowing worms and insects to make their way into Chen’s savings. “I did not expect to open the plastic bag and see thirty-five thousand yuan in cash all damaged, some rotten became very fine,” Chen said to People’s Daily Online. In an ironic twist of fate, the bank that Chen had found untrustworthy came to the rescue by offering to swap the notes that were in good enough condition for fresh ones. The bank was able to save around 20,000 RMB ($4000) with the rest far too damaged to be repaired.”

Horse meat from ponies now on sale in Britain: “Meat from Dartmoor Hill ponies has gone on sale in the UK for the first time at a farmers’ market and local restaurant in a controversial bid to conserve the breed. The scheme is the brainchild of farmer Charlotte Faulkner, who set up the Dartmoor Hill Pony Association to further knowledge and support of the hardy little beasts. Now shoppers at Tavistock farmers’ market in Devon can buy the unusual delicacy, which is also being sold at a local restaurant, and pony sausages are even available to buy online. Originally from Sussex, Mrs Faulkner, 53, has lived on the Dartmoor farm with her husband Tim, a businessman, two daughters and son for 17 years. In her barns she often keeps a dozen young Dartmoor Hill ponies, and many of the horses she has in her care she has found good homes for. But there are still many more ponies who need a new home. As a result every year hundreds of ponies are culled to keep a constant number on the moor, with the meat being fed to the big cats at a local zoo or sent to France – but Mrs Faulkner believes the meat is ‘too good’ for that”

Star wars dog: “A Star Wars fan has transformed her Doberman into a Stormtrooper, and the dressed-up pup would look quite at home on any Death Star. The incredible full-body costume turns the Doberman pinscher into one of the evil Galactic Empire’s finest, covering her head-to-tail in the iconic uniform. Sabrina Ridler, from California, spent hundreds of hours painstakingly handcrafting the costume for her four-year-old pet Penny Bark-Bark. ‘Penny is now a proud member of Stormtrooper Ranch,’ said owner Sabrina. ‘The outfit was originally meant to be just a Halloween costume, that would be just worn a few times. ‘But because she wears it all the time now, it had to be redone. The only part of the original that is still in use is the helmet.’ ‘None of this could have been done if Penny weren’t a very tolerant dog,’ Sabrina continued. ‘She has been dressed up in one way or another since she came home as a little pup so this build was nothing new to her, but most dogs will have a big issue with it.”

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