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Odd news from around the world

A REALLY dumb cokehead: “A stunned police officer, who was about to let off a motorist for a minor traffic offence, ended up sending the 73-year-old man to prison following his bizarre way of dealing with the stress of the situation. After the officer checked the man’s licence and registration during the traffic stop on Tuesday evening, the patrolman walked back to the driver’s Toyota. When he peered into the car the speechless officer saw the man “portioning out a scoop of cocaine from a small glass vial”, Seattle Police said. The man, startled to see the police officer then spilt the white powder on his hands and on the car floor, initially saying the substance was “nothing” before suggesting it was “vitamin pills.” “Finally, the man relented, complimented Officer Abts-Olsen on his keen detection skills and admitted that snorting cocaine in the middle of a traffic stop was, perhaps, a poor decision,” the police said. The man was arrested and sent to the local jail for possession of drugs.”

Energy company sends ridiculous four-cent bill, threatens legal action: “After moving out of their home in the Sydney suburb of Lakemba and cancelling their account, the couple received a reminder notice from Energy Australia. The letter warned that their final account was overdue, advising them to pay up immediately to avoid enforcement action. The amount due was four cents. “If you don’t pay us in full (or get in touch to arrange a payment plan) by 06 Dec 2015, we may start action to recover your debt,” the letter warned. reader Mohammad said he tried to pay the bill, which is in his wife’s name, using BPay on his mobile phone. But his bank displayed an error message stating Energy Australia would not accept the payment — because the transaction amount was too small. After being contacted by, Energy Australia kindly wiped the debt from the customer’s account, and advised that a computer glitch was to blame for the farce.

Yes, that ‘big ass’ lizard climbing a wall in Australia is real: “When this photo of a giant lizard monster climbing an Australian’s wall started popping up in our news feeds, our immediate reaction was: This thing can’t be real. We reached out to a few experts to appease our skeptical sensors and it turns out, to our horror, that yes — this massive lizard could indeed be the real deal. It all started when 80-year-old Australian resident Eric Holland reportedly snapped this photo of a terrifying reptile clinging to the side of his house. It appears to be a type of goanna monitor lizard called a Lace Monitor. Holland estimates that the goanna stretched about 5 feet across. “That is a big ass lizard,” Kellar Autumn, a biologist who studies climbing mechanics at Lewish and Clark College in Oregon, told Tech Insider. Autumn builds biologically-inspired robots that can free-climb buildings, and he says he doesn’t have any reservations about the plausibility of the photo. “I’m confident that it is using claws to climb.”

Superbug resistant to ALL antibiotics reaches Europe: “Superbugs resistant to all antibiotics have spread to Europe for the first time. A patient in Denmark has become infected with an untreatable form of salmonella, scientists announced today. They also discovered untreatable bacteria in five samples of chicken imported from China via Germany. The grim announcement comes just three weeks after Chinese academics discovered that superbugs had breached the last line of antibiotic defences for the first time. Colistin – a drug classed as ‘critical’ to human medicine – was until recently the only antibiotic to work after all others had failed. But experts last month identified the first germs to become resistant to the drugs – and warned of the ‘inevitable’ spread of uncontrollable superbugs which attack the blood and lungs.”

A good protest: “An angry cab driver has hilariously parked his taxi in the middle of a cricket pitch after his windscreen was smashed by a rogue ball. It appears the batsman at DM Henderson Park, in Macgregor, south-east Queensland, hit a six so far it reached the road and the unsuspecting vehicle, on Saturday. It was a straight drive from the cabbie after that – straight from the car park onto the pitch, where he refused to budge until the police were called. The cricketers were unable to control the bizarre situation and stood by watching it unfold and taking selfies. It wasn’t until the police became involved that the cabbie finally removed his car from the middle of the pitch.

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