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Odd news from around the world

Middle-lane hogger gets a message: “Dashcam footage captured the terrifying moment a huge lorry repeatedly shunted a car on a motorway. Matthew Stockdale was on the M1 near Northampton when the lorry approached directly behind him in the middle lane and began flashing its lights and blowing its horn. The lorry driver moved increasingly closer to the car, which remained in the middle lane, and attempted to intimate Mr Stockdale with the 10-tonne vehicle before overtaking. The video then shows the lorry cutting across the lane and pulling in front of the car – appearing to collide with the side of it three times. In a police statement, Mr Stockdale said that he ‘honestly thought I was going to die’ and that his life ‘literally rushed before my eyes’.” [The galoot deserves no sympathy. Middle lane hogging is illegal in Britain. All he had to do was move over]

An amusing question: “Imagine your frustration, you spend weeks, months even, revising for an exam paper and then one of the questions that comes your way appears to be utterly unfathomable. One perplexed student, known on social media site Imgur as ‘Esperagon’ and thought to be a student at Sheridan College in Toronto, found himself in exactly that situation after reading a question on his film degree paper and finding that no amount of preparation would ever see him get the right answer. So what was the blundering brainteaser? ‘What is a microphone?’ A simple enough question you might think? However, no explanation of the audio equipment would lead to marks because listed below it were only two answers: true or false. It seems plenty of people have been tickled by the question, supposedly set by an expert on the subject. One wrote: ‘Everyone else can give up on the internet today, nothing will beat this.’ while another added: ‘There is a small chance you are actually the host of Jeopardy and no one told you.’

The noses have it!: “A new study has revealed that the most common facial characteristics shared by successful entrepreneurs range from the ‘cost-conscious’ Roman nose in males to the ‘tenacious’ female chin. An expert picked out the features based on analysis of 20 leading British business moguls and constructed the faces of the ‘ideal’ male and female entrepreneur from this analysis. Ms Tickle examined the faces of the top ten public-facing men and the top ten public-facing women from a Management Today listing of Britain’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs 2015. The most important facial features of a male entrepreneur include a Roman nose, associated with cost consciousness, a bulbous forehead, indicating creativity and inverted V eyebrows, which are said to signify the ability to bring concepts together. A Roman nose is one that dips at the top to give the impression that the nose is bent or sloped”

Brussels sprout smuggler!: “A primary school is trying to identify a child who keeps smuggling unwanted cooked Brussels sprouts in and planting them in other pupil’s backpacks. In one of the more unusual whodunnits of the year, teachers at Monkfield Park Primary School in Great Cambourne, Cambridgeshire, are trying to work out who the sprout smuggling culprit is. Members of staff told the entire school during an assembly that the guilty party needs to stop bringing in the contraband vegetable as it could trigger ‘an allergic reaction’ in another pupil. But parents told The Sun the school was ‘overreacting’ and that the child is clearly a little genius in the making. “The kid should get a medal and a job with MI5. They’re a genius. ‘The kid hid the sprouts from his mum and dad, probably got praise for eating them, then sneaked them into school.’ Experts say the chances of sprouts triggering an allergy were ‘very rare’.”

The blind leading the blind: “A council has installed a new safety crossing for blind people which leads straight into a glass window. The 15metre-long lines were installed on a pavement near a busy road in Gloucester to help blind people find the nearby pedestrian crossing. But the lines stop five metres away from the road – while the other end leads straight into a furniture shop window. Gloucestershire County Council claims the markings are the ‘most effective’ design. But they have been branded ‘totally ridiculous’ by those for whom the crossing is intended. Guide dog user and army veteran Ray Peart, 68, who lost his sight serving in Northern Ireland, said he has had numerous problems crossing the busy road. He said: ‘What a waste of money. Those lines are supposed to help blind people find a safe crossing but this will be very confusing. ‘They will not give any indication where the crossing is.’

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