The United States is still by far the world’s greatest wealth creator

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Its a Voronoi diagram, not a pie chart, hence the unmarked sectors




Odd news from around the world

Biblical king’s seal mark found in Israel: “Israeli archaeologists have discovered a mark from the seal of biblical King Hezekiah, who helped build Jerusalem into an ancient metropolis. The circular inscription, on a piece of clay less than a centimetre long, may very well have been made by the king himself, said Eilat Mazar of Jerusalem’s Hebrew University who directed the excavation where it was uncovered. Hezekiah ruled around 700 BC and was described in the Bible as a daring monarch – “There was no one like him among all the kings of Judah, either before him or after him” (II Kings 18:5) – who was dedicated to eliminating idolatry in his kingdom. The clay imprint, known as a bulla, was found at a dig at the foot of the southern part of the wall that surrounds Jerusalem’s Old City, an area rich in relics from the period of the first of two ancient Jewish temples. It had been buried in a refuse dump dated to the time of Hezekiah. It contains ancient Hebrew script and the symbol of a two-winged sun.”

Hitler’s book to be republished in Germany: “FOR the first time since World War II, Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” will be printed in Germany in January as an annotated edition, the institute publishing it says. The book, which adds context to the Nazi dictator’s hateful rant with some 3500 annotations, will be published in two volumes totalling 1948 pages and sold at 59 euros ($86), said Wirsching, who has been working on the project since 2009. Wirsching said the republication of the text with expert commentary aims to “shatter the myth” surrounding the book, which Hitler wrote in 1924 while languishing in prison after a failed coup. Authorities in the southern state of Bavaria were handed the copyright by Allied forces after World War II. For seven decades, they have refused to allow it to be republished. But at the end of the year the copyright runs out so that Mein Kampf — which means My Struggle — falls into the public domain on January 1.”

11-year-old girl shuts down worst love rat in her class with cutting note: “A YOUNG girl has brought down the notorious school Lothario with this hilarious note. The 11-year-old girl, who goes by the nickname Muffin Top, threatens to “go off” on the Casanova if he breaks her friend’s heart. In the feisty message, Muffin Top throws out some pretty scandalous accusations. She accuses Payton of kissing his own cousin, dating “an estimated 50 girls” and cheating on two of her best friends. The girl’s only explanation for the young Casanova’s behaviour is that he must be “on THE WEED”.

New social media craze sees millions of women trying to touch their breasts by reaching around their backs: “Millions of Chinese women have joined a new social media craze to show off their ample assets. The internet challenge asks female participants to touch their breasts from behind their backs, reported the People’s Daily Online. In theory, if they succeed, it means they’re buxom. The trending topic has attracted more than 54 million views and 39,000 comments on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, since it started circulating last week. The craze first appeared online in June, shortly after a similar ‘belly button challenge’ took over China by storm, in which participants were asked to touch their navels by reaching around their backs. In the description post, it’s claimed that ‘only women with big breasts will be able to do this’. Soon afterwards, pictures of women trying to reach their breasts by reaching around their backs with the opposite hand flooded the internet.”

New Ford Everest SUV bursts into flames during a test drive: “FORD Australia is conducting an investigation into what caused its latest model — the new Everest SUV — to suddenly burst into flames during a test drive. The car maker is yet to issue a recall until it examines the wreckage. But the incident could affect not only the 1000 or so Everest SUVs on the road, but more than 100,000 Ford Ranger utes, which share the same engine and electrical system and are made on the same production line. One of News Corp Australia’s motoring journalists, Peter Barnwell, was road testing the just-released new model — which was designed and engineered in Australia but is built in Thailand — when warning lights started to appear before the instrument display went blank and the engine shut down. “As I rolled to a stop it just burst into flames,” said Mr Barnwell. “There were flames licking out from under the bonnet.” The fire quickly engulfed the front of the car before working its way towards the cabin.”

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