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Odd news from around the world

Woman reveals how her obsession with ‘clean eating’ caused her hair to fall out and her teeth to crumble: “A woman has spoken out about the dangers of ‘clean eating’ after she became obsessed, dropping half her body weight. Carrie Armstrong, 35, from Newcastle, embarked on a the raw fruit and vegetable diet to help her recover from a virus. But after 18 months she found she had stopped menstruating, her teeth were crumbling and her hair was falling out. Speaking out about her experience on ITV’s This Morning, Carrie, who is now a TV presenter, said of her ‘clean eating’ obsession: ‘It was all I thought about. I didn’t consume food, it consumed me.’ The clean eating movement, which involves ditching processed or refined foods in favour of raw fruits and vegetables, has become a favourite of online food bloggers. But Armstrong, who has previously spoken out about battle with alcoholism, took the eating regime to an extreme and ended up cutting everything from her diet other than raw fruit, vegetables and water.”

Britons warned to watch out for RATS invading their homes this winter: “Britons have been warned to watch out for rats invading their homes after the odds were slashed on it being the coldest winter in a century. Pest controllers say rodents are responsible for causing millions of pounds of damage to properties across the UK by gnawing their way indoors to escape freezing weather. The warning comes after temperatures plummeted as low as -6C over parts of Britain last week – sparking fears the country will experience its coldest winter in decades. Pest control firms normally see a 40 per cent rise in call-outs for rodent infestations at this time of year and have offered advice on how to stop rats from finding their way indoors. ‘They will not only scratch, gnaw and rip items apart to make nesting materials but they will also chew beams and joists, causing structural damage, and through electrical cables, which can cause fires.’ Tips for avoiding an infestation this winter include clearing out stair cupboards, checking pipework for holes and checking in the loft for signs of rats.”

Mother who said the message on her son’s birthday cake ‘should be Happy 21st Stefan’ is stunned to get exactly that!: “Teresa Ward, 58, was rushing to get a cake ready in time for her son Stefan’s big day as she had a party booked with 30 family and friends on Saturday. After arranging for part-time cake maker Susan Mcwhinnie to bake a Jack Daniel’s-themed cake, Teresa sent a text to Susan informing her what the icing inscription should read. Teresa wrote: ‘Should add the message should be happy 21st Stefan’ – however she missed the comma needed after the word ‘add’ and omitted to put quote marks around the last three words, leaving the message needed open to interpretation. Teresa, a civil servant from Motherwell, Scotland, said: ‘When I picked up the cake and saw those words on it I thought it was odd but I didn’t realise it was the exact phrase of my text message. I just thought it was some Jack Daniel’s slogan that I didn’t get.” ‘I told Stefan I had his cake and sent him a picture of it, thinking that he would just say he knew what it was. But then he rang me up laughing – he thought it was hysterical.”

Keen texter: “Footage has emerged showing a 24-year-old driver texting while hanging out of the window of his wrecked Lamborghini just moments after he allegedly mowed down three people – killing one. Wiyang Lautner was detained after he allegedly lost control of his supercar while racing against a Ferrari and hit a middle-aged couple and a street vendor waiter in Surabaya, East Java. He crashed into Mujianto, 44, Srikanti, 41, and her husband 51-year-old Kuswanto whose body was dragged along by the Lamborghini for several metres before it smashed into a tree, police said. Onlookers filmed the aftermath of the fatal crash and footage shows the 24-year-old driver texting and speaking on his mobile as he attempted to climb out of the wrecked car. Police detained Lautner at Dukuh Kupang police station and launched a further investigation into the crash.”

Air New Zealand named world’s best airline for third year in a row: “Air New Zealand has been named the best airline in the world for the third consecutive year. The Auckland-based airline received the award from AirlineRatings.com – a website that rates carriers on safety and in-flight experience – beating the likes of Qantas, Etihad Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Australian flag carrier Qantas Airways rose two spots to second after coming in fourth last year, while Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways rounded out the top three. British Airways was dropped from last year’s tenth place position and did not make this year’s list. AirlineRatings.com, based in Australia, said it chose Air New Zealand because of its environmental commitment, record-breaking financial performance, motivational staff and operational safety. The airline also won the website’s awards for best premium and best economy classes.”

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