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Odd news from around the world

Poor doggie: “A WOMAN who posted a photo of her dog’s mouth duct taped closed on Facebook has faced a storm of criticism. Katie Brown captioned the shocking photo of her chocolate labrador with: “This is what happens when you don’t shut up!!!” She has since been inundated with comments, with her post shared more than 350,000 times so far. However, Florida-based Katie has refused to remove the photo and even defended her actions, posting: “Don’t panic everyone it was only for a minute but he hasn’t barked since … POINT MADE!!” The local police force (City of South Daytona) has been inundated with reports of animal cruelty over the photo”

The Mona Lisa in 3D: “A new opportunity for blind and visually impaired people to truly experience art has been created with the help of 3D technology. The Unseen Art project is creating the opportunity for all people to ‘see’ art around the world. The recently launched company is an online platform that produces 3D replicas of masterpieces that can be touched by those who are blind and visually impaired. ‘There are many people in the world who have heard of classical artworks their whole lives but are unable to see them,’ Marc Dillon, the evangelist for the project, told The Creators Project. The recently launched company is an online platform that produces 3D replicas of masterpieces that can be touched by those who are blind and visually impaired. Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is the first piece of art Dillon has printed in 3D. The project is crowdfunding on Indiegogo to raise $30,000. So far, more than $2,300 has been raised and there’s 19 days left for their campaign.

Girl, 9, dived into a freezing cold pool fully clothed to save her baby brother: “A nine-year-old girl who acted without hesitation when she saw her baby brother floating face down in a backyard pool has been presented with a bravery award after saving the 18-month-old’s life. Jobe Gilliland was foaming from the mouth and choking on pool water when his sister Bella Gilliland, from Canning Vale, south of Perth, pulled him from icy waters in their backyard pool. The toddler had made his way through an open pool gate while his mother Danielle Gilliland was inside, with his fully-clothed sister reacting instantly after noticing the young boy was in danger. ‘I didn’t care about what was happening around me, I just jumped into the water.’ Ms Gilliland said Jobe had disappeared in a matter of seconds and only became aware that he was outside when she heard Bella scream for help.”

Elderly Chinese couple take turns sitting in freezing cold to guard parking space for their son: “Parking spaces in busy cities can be hard to come by, and there is nothing worse than returning home from work only to realise yours has been taken, and you have to park half a mile down the road. Well, a man and his wife from Gulou District in Nanjing, east China, have found a solution. Whilst they are at work, their parents sit on a small bench where they usually park and occupy two spaces until they come home, reports The People’s Daily Online. Whatever the weather, the two pensioners sit outside until late in the evening to ensure the area remains empty for the couple on returning home, sometimes in freezing conditions. Images circulating on the internet of his parents sitting in the cold have caused a huge online debate in China”

Rude spud?: “A farmer was astonished to discover a sweet potato he had been growing in one of his fields had mutated into a rather provocative shape. Potato farmer Ben Fletch pulled the root vegetable out of the ground at his farm in Kent last week and was surprised to find it had assumed the shape of a lady’s legs and bottom. He took a picture of the raunchy sweet potato, which, even though it is covered in mud, bares an uncanny resemblance to a a woman bending over in a suggestive pose. Mr Fletch admitted the discovery was a bit too hot to handle and he and his family refused to eat the raunchy find. ‘We threw it away though as I didn’t want to have to cook it.'”

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