Something else that is not as it seems

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At first glance the man on the right looks as if he is flashing his private parts while cuddling up to a pirate and a panto dame. But upon closer inspection it is in fact his nude-coloured belt pouch which is dangling between his legs




Odd news from around the world

Festive decorations look like underwear on a washing line: “A town’s Christmas decorations have been mocked because they look like giant green pants. The £15,000 Christmas lights in Tiverton, Devon, have added some colour and cheer to the town but some say one particular set of lights resembles a washing line. The string of lights that look like briefs have been strung across the main shopping street. But they have provoked mirth among locals. Posting on Facebook Janet Johns wrote: ‘Ok, if they are not pants…. what are they?’ while Lin Hawkins wrote: ‘Yes they look like pants’. The lights cost Tiverton Town Council £15,000 each year and fundraising goes on all year round”

Chocolate with flavours to ‘rival fine wines’ developed: “Chocolate lovers could soon be going into wine buff-style raptures about the ‘nose’ of their favourite treat after scientists developed a new way of enhancing its flavours. They say the process gives chocolate a range of tastes as sophisticated and varied as those found in the finest wines, beers or coffees. Manufacturers usually have little control over the basic flavour of chocolate because the fermented cocoa beans from which it is made are exposed to wild yeasts when freshly harvested. Now Belgian scientists working for the cocoa processor Barry Callebaut have developed a stronger hybrid yeast that leads to richer aromas and flavours. Jan Steensels, a researcher at the University of Leuven and the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology, said: ‘This means that for the first time, chocolate makers have a broad portfolio of different yeast strains that are all producing different flavours.”

Huge packaging fail: “A couple were left with a mountain of cardboard in their living room after their new dinner set was delivered in 48 separate boxes. Joanne and Billy Murphy were mystified as to why every plate, bowl and mug they had ordered from Tesco was packed in its own individual box and then placed inside a second bigger box. The pile of boxes took up so much space the family could not see their living room floor once they had unwrapped all the items from the 24-piece dinner set. And despite the careful packing, four bowls and a mug were smashed in the delivery.’The driver knocked on our door and asked if I was expecting a big delivery. I said not really, just some kitchen stuff, but his entire van was full of it. ‘After everything was unwrapped we couldn’t even see the floor.’ When the couple finally opened the boxes there was also a huge amount of paper inside which added to the clutter. She rang Tesco to complain but the store initially only wanted to deal with the broken items. They have now collected the packaging.”

Tree lays a golden carpet: “A 1,400-year-old tree has become the centre of attention in the city of Xi’an, central China’s Shaanxi Province. Stunning photos taken recently of the ginkgo tree – also known as the maidenhair tree – were released on the People’s Daily Online, showing its majestic sea of golden leaves. According to the report it’s said to have been planted during the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907), and people have been travelling from all over China to visit the spectacular site. The tree is situated in the Zen Buddhist Temple in Luohandong village in the city of Xi’an. Leaves have been falling from the tree since mid-November, making it one of the sights of the season. The changing colour and the falling of the leaves marks the start of autumn and it’s something that’s being celebrated around the tree. Thousands of people have visited the tree, located inside a temple, since the leaves started to turn. Once fallen around the tree, they form what looks like a golden carpet from above. Ginkgo trees are native to China.”

Fake freckles now!: “A woman who dreamed of having freckles has created a cheek stencil that will give any woman a light dusting for two days at a time. Remi Brixton, from LA, hopes to raise $215,000 (£141,000) via a Kickstarter campaign to fund Freck Yourself which uses fake tan ‘Freck Kits’ to create the natural-looking dots. The beauty entrepreneur said: ‘There’s nothing more beautiful to me than bare skin and fresh freckles. To me, they’re the mark of rebellious dreamers, wild adventurists, and unapologetic natural beauty.’ Freck Yourself comes with 72 self-adhesive stencils with tiny perforations as well as a formula similar to fake tan that is rolled over the stencil, marking the skin through the stencil’s tiny holes. The freckles last for up to two days, and Remi advises applying them every morning to achieve a layered look of fading freckles. Remi says that the usual method of applying dots to the face with an eye liner pencil creates a too uniform look and the dots can smudge”.

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