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Odd news from around the world

The red mercury myth: “RED mercury is believed by some to be the ultimate chemical weapon in existence. It’s thought to harness an unparalleled power for destruction and as a result features at the top any terror group’s wish list. There’s just one problem: It’s not real. It’s the stuff of doomsday-dreamers. Despite the more than dubious evidence for its supposed existence, the red mercury myth continues to endure and the Islamic State appears to be the latest to join the wild goose chase. Stories of the fabled substance first appeared in Russian and Western media outlets in the late 1980s at the end of the Cold War. The references to the chemical were vague but promoted its fundamental importance in creating a powerful nuclear bomb. It promised to compress fusion materials to detonate a nuclear device as small as a tennis ball. But whenever dealers were caught with the substance, it invariably turned out to be something far more innocuous.”

Black Walmart employee fired for collecting empty bottles: “A TROLLEY collector who was sacked for redeeming $2.80 worth of empty cans and bottles discarded by customers has been flooded with support on social media. Thomas Smith, 52, a formerly homeless ex-convict with a learning disability who earned $12.50 an hour collecting shopping trolleys left in the Walmart parking lot, was sacked for allegedly “stealing” company property. Mr Smith claimed he was fired in early November for redeeming a total of $5.10) worth of empty bottles and cans left in trolleys by customers. Walmart told The Guardian it did not take issue with the $3.10 worth of empty beer cans a customer left in the parking lot, but with $2 worth of bottles and cans left in a trolley just inside the store’s entrance. Those were Walmart property, according to the spokesman, and Mr Smith was guilty of “gross misconduct” by redeeming them for change.”

Bonkers British bureaucracy again: “A prostate cancer sufferer from Yorkshire has been forced to pay £1,400 for chemotherapy – despite it being available for free just a few miles away. Dominic Horsley arrived at St James’s Hospital in Leeds last Wednesday to start the urgent treatment after it was recommended by his consultant. However the 41-year-old travel agent was then handed a bill before, in a classic example of a postcode lottery, being told the chemotherapy would be free on the NHS if he went to Huddersfield or Manchester. ‘I was obviously very shocked and upset,’ he said, adding that he ‘just wanted to start the treatment’ and offered to ‘pay there and then’. He said warnings about needing to remain close to hospital meant that he believed travelling further away simply was not a realistic alternative. He said: ‘All I’m trying to do is extend my life and get some quality and I got landed with a bill for my treatment or told I should go to Manchester or Huddersfield to get it for free. ‘That’s not acceptable. I live in Leeds. I was born in that hospital.’

A resurrection: “Ursula Freeman was mistakenly told her husband Dennis, 81, had died after he was admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn due to dizzy spells. Grandfather Dennis Freeman has revealed he shouted ‘dead man walking’ when he wandered into a room moments after doctors told his wife and daughter he had died. He said: ‘She was crying her eyes out and shaking so I went in there and said “dead man walking”. Mrs Freeman revealed that since the incident she has been struggling to sleep and follows her husband around the house.

The legs have it: “A 22-year-old from California believes she has the longest legs in America – and while she is busy building a career as a model, she has been turned down by some agencies for being too tall. At 6’5″ tall, Chase Kennedy’s legs measure 51 inches – only 0.9 inches off the world record. The leggy beauty from San Luis Obispo was nicknamed ‘legs’ and ‘giraffe’ in school, but says that her assets have helped her excel in sports. And now Chase has emerged to trump the current US record holder, Holly Burt – whose legs measure an impressive 49.5 inches. ‘I am proud of my legs – I wouldn’t want anything different,’ she said. ‘I believe I hold the record for America’s longest legs and I love being tall. While Chase is currently in a relationship with a 6’4″ man named Jason, she admits that dating has been a problem in the past. ‘When I date I prefer taller guys but I have dated shorter guys who are like a couple of inches shorter.”

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