Stuck! Hamster gets stuck in a glass bottle after squeezing itself in when earthquake hits Japan

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Odd news from around the world

The 19-month-old baby who can READ!: “Reading is something most children get to grips with when they first start school at the age of around five. But this 19-month-old baby boy has learned more than 300 words and can even count all the way up to 50. His proud mother LaToya Whiteside captured some footage of her son Carter reading words from place cards while at home in Charlotte, North Carolina. Carter began sounding out words he had never been shown by his mother when he was around 12 months. The clip shows the youngster reading the word ‘are’ before looking at his mother for confirmation and then continuing. He then clearly articulates the words ‘was’, ‘to’ and ‘like’ before moving onto the next card, which he immediately notices is upside down. Turning it around, he reads the word ‘made’ and ‘her’ before momentarily stumbling on the two syllables of the word ‘over’. The child prodigy started recognising words and signing when he was just seven months old.”

Strange trees from the past: “A prehistoric fossilised forest that helped trigger a dramatic change in the Earth’s climate around 380 million years ago has been discovered in Norway. Scientists found the preserved tree trunks and stumps, still where they had been rooted in the ground, on the island of Svalbard in Norway. The strange trees, which look like a cross between a palm and a fern, are thought to have formed part of a vast tropical forest that covered the area. At the time, during the late Devonian period, Svalbard would have been close to the equator. It is thought sediment from a nearby lake swamped the trees, killing them but then helping to fossilise them as it was transformed into rock over millions of years. Palaeobotanists who discovered the fossil forest said the trees appear to have been densely packed together. This could have led to rapid wreathing of soils and could have increased the amount of carbon dioxide being pulled out of the atmosphere. The change was the trigger that allowed the first animals to begin to evolve as oxygen levels increased.”

Motorised picnic table cruises down Australian highway: “Police have warned that men captured on video riding motorised picnic tables in Scarborough could face several charges. An investigation was launched after the footage emerged on social media today. The group was spotted cruising in Scarborough at the weekend. They turned right at the traffic lights from Scarborough beachfront on to West Coast Highway, cruising at a gentle speed while stunned motorists looked on. Police and Road Safety Minister Liza Harvey said police would be trying to track down the men involved, saying while the stunt might have looked comical, it was illegal and dangerous. “It’s putting other road users at risk and indeed putting those people on the toy at risk as well,” she said. “But those people with the motorised tables and chairs turned into one of the busiest intersections in Perth – West Coast Highway and Scarborough Beach Road – on an unlicensed, unregistered vehicle and it looked like they had been drinking as well.”

Some bureaucratic pettiness from Britain: “A man has had a metal fence installed in front of his home to stop him charging his electric car after a row with the local council. Adam Storey installed a charger in front of his house in Hull, East Yorkshire after buying an environmentally friendly Vauxhall Ampera. He needs to park outside the terraced building in order to keep the £30,000 car fully charged – but now the council has built a fence to stop him doing so. Mr Storey, 26, must now park on the grass verge by the side of the road, leaving the electric cable draped across the pavement. Hull City Council says that he installed a dropped kerb leading to the charging point without seeking planning permission and ordered a contractor to undo the building work. ‘I thought that I would make as much use as possible from my solar panels by getting an electric car,’ Mr Storey said. ‘It is more environmentally friendly and I would have thought the council would support that.”

Minor Australian newspaper delivers cracking response to Barack Obama: “WHEN the world’s most powerful person asks to be kept in the loop, he probably isn’t expecting to be directed to Australia’s most irreverent newspaper. But that’s exactly what happened when US President Barack Obama had a quiet word to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull about the sale of the Port of Darwin. Obama was reportedly disappointed that the US was not consulted on the sale of the port to a Chinese company as it is close to US military assets in the region. Apparently he only found out about it after reading a report in the New York Times and asked Turnbull to “Let us know next time”. Instead Turnbull advised he take up reading a more authoritative source. “Seeking to encourage the circulation of great Australian newspapers, I suggested they should invest in a subscription to the Northern Territory News because it was not a secret,” he joked. Of course, the NT News lapped it up, tweeting Obama its details.”

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