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Odd news from around the world

Prisoner dies with the equivalent of 20 espressos in his bloodstream and authorities have ‘no idea’ how it got there: “A coroners inquest into a prisoner who died after experiencing a seizure has found that the man had extremely high levels of caffeine in his body. John Spence, 51, was found with ‘excessive’ amounts of caffeine in his bloodstream – equivalent to 20 cups of coffee or 20 caffeine tablets – stumping authorities as to how he managed to conceal it. The man, who had spent much of his life homeless, was found dead at the Capricornia Correctional Centre, in Rockhampton, north of Brisbane, on September 4, 2013. A specialist pathologist indicated that a reasonable cause for his death was ‘the combined effects of cardiovascular disease and seizure activity in the setting of excessive caffeine use.’ Despite thorough investigations, authorities remain stumped as to how the man managed to ingest 80mg of caffeine prior to the seizure – with one doctor suggesting it could not have come from coffee alone.”

Bungling paramedics pronounce New York woman who shot herself in the head dead – even though she was still BREATHING: “A woman from Queens who shot herself in the head was declared dead by EMTs, despite the fact she was still alive. Diana Rodriguez, 32, was discovered lying in a pool of blood at a house in Richmond Hill by the first responders. They pronounced her dead – but an hour later she was heard wheezing and breathing by police. She was taken to hospital where she died nine hours later. Rodriguez, who suffered from bipolar disorder, had been arguing with her boyfriend on the phone and threatening to kill herself on Thursday. It is thought she placed a rifle, which reportedly belonged to her boyfriend, to her head and pulled the trigger. A pair of EMTs from nearby Jamaica Hospital were first to arrive at the house. After not being able to find a pulse, the EMTs declared Rodriguez dead and called off other medical responders.”

Petrolhead splashes £75,000 building his dream car that’s TWICE as powerful as a £1m Bugatti Veyron – but it’s got no roof or sides: “A petrolhead splashed £75k building a car twice as powerful as a £1m Bugatti Veyron – one of the fastest road vehicles in the world. Allan Bowker spent a year and a half hand-building the perfect vehicle in his shed in Birdwell, Barnsley before generating a huge Facebook following and attracting an array of celebrity fans. Among them new Top Gear host Chris Evans has declared a passion for the vehicle, which is affectionately known as The Double Exocet by its owner. The 32-year-old said: ‘He (Chris) has not seen it in the flesh yet, but I’ve talked to him about it and shown him pictures. He was amazed.’ In addition to celebrity fans the car has garnered some understandable attention from deep-pocketed potential buyers. And Allan has been forced to turn down countless offers to sell the car, including one of £100k from a man in Dubai.”

Maori Haka under fire: “There were no shortage of ecstatic fans when the All Blacks performed their World Cup winning Haka this month, but this woman probably forwent the celebrations. ssidy Boon, the American blogger who sparked furore when she claimed Vegemite was racist to Aboriginals, has now taken aim at the traditional war-dance of the New Zealand rugby team. In her latest YouTube rant the 20-year-old says the haka ‘totally hints at domestic violence and rape’ and calls for the ‘sexist dance’ to be boycotted. ‘These people will literally stick their tongue out and make exaggerated masculine movements that totally hint at domestic violence and rape’.’It’s obvious the haka isn’t really meant to scare off the opposing team, it’s to assert dominance over women and scare us into submission,’ she says to her 1790 YouTube followers. While the authenticity of the video is debatable, Boon has previously proclaimed herself to be a ‘feminist’ while promoting her #MaleLivesDontMatter hashtag campaign.”

The little elephant that travelled a long way: “It’s been sitting in a palace display case for 80 years, but now the compelling story behind Buckingham Palace’s Faberge elephant has been revealed. Palace curator Caroline de Guitaut tracked the origins of the ivory ornament after she discovered the exquisitely rare hallmark of the House of Faberge, which is famed for its extravagant bejeweled eggs. Ms De Guitaut told The Telegraph that she started looking for the telltale stamp after she suspected it matched an inventory description of an elephant in the Russian royal family’s collection that was seized by the Bolsheviks after the 1917 revolution. Carved from ivory, the clockwork elephant is topped with a small gold tower, partly enameled and decorated with rose-cut diamonds, was restored by palace craftsmen. The ornament was commissioned by Tsar Alexander III as a ‘surprise’ for his wife Empress Maria Feodorovna and hidden inside a diamond trellis egg – one of 50 eggs created by Fabergé for the Russian royal family between 1885 and 1916.”

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