Buying a car in 1950 — love those prices

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Odd news from around the world

NO amount of health warnings will deter teenagers from abusing alcohol at end of school celebrations: “In the coming weeks thousands of teenagers will finish their final high school exams and celebrate their achievements at schoolies celebrations. However a new study has revealed that no amount of safe-alcohol messaging will deter school-leavers from binge drinking. A recent survey published in the Australian Journal of Primary Health found that 0 per cent of schoolies actively sought health information before celebrations,The Age reported. The survey also revealed that most teens had plans to get drunk ‘most nights’, often on cheap alcohol. Schoolies week has become a somewhat rite of passage for school leavers across Australia, where students often travel interstate of overseas to commemorate the end of their final exams. ‘By the time you’re drunk enough on the nice drinks you can just go to goon and it just goes down really well anyway,’ one responder said. [Goon is sweet white wine sold in large containers]

Soppy dog: “This is the devastated dog that cries every day as she watches her owner get dropped off for school. Even before the boy, who attends San Marcos Academy in Texas, has left the car his dog Dixie is trying to make him stay – standing on the backpack she knows he takes to school every day. The boy successfully takes Dixie’s paws off his bag and takes off his seat belt as his mom begins calling to the pup, hoping to distract her from the hardest part of this daily routine. But Dixie isn’t tempted by her whistles. The dog continues to stare at the boy, as if pleading with him to play hooky – just this once. As the boy opens the door the mom grabs Dixie’s collar to stop her from running after him. Dixie tries to block her buddy from getting out of the car with her head. After the door shuts, she immediately whips to the other window. As she watches the boy walk away, Dixie begins to cry.” Dixie continues to gaze out of the car’s windows, hoping he’ll return even as they get farther and farther away.”

Cucumber crisis: “British cucumbers are now on the brink of extinction due to cheap foreign experts and a ‘race to the bottom’ supermarket price war. There are now fewer cucumbers being grown in Britain than at any other point in history after dramatic price drops over the last years, new figures have revealed. Cheap imports and supermarket price wars have seen prices drop from 80p to 50p over the last three years and which has led many farmers to stop growing the summertime vegetable. While consumers will welcome cheaper cucumbers from countries like Holland, Spain and even South America, there are consequences for the UK economy, said the NFU report. If more and more cheap food is imported, an increasing number of UK growers will go out of business which has a knock on effect on food processing, distribution and other sectors of business. This can become a problem if demand increases from bigger economies – China in particular – which could mean they would get first pick of the crop, leaving a potential shortage for others.”

Chicago commuter is stunned to see North Korean leader on his train: “He’s known for his hatred of the West, with the United States at the top of his list of enemies. But this picture appears to show North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un casually riding a train in Chicago. The photograph, posted on Imgur by a commuter, shows the lookalike playing on his phone, looking a bit bored despite being in the land of the free, rather than the most oppressed nation in the world. While the man’s trademark haircut and grey suit seemed to suggest he was the real deal, commenters online were quick to point out that he has been seen in the area plenty of times before – and is actually a student at the University of Illinois. Minyong Kim – also known as ‘Dragon’ – dresses up as the North Korean tyrant and is often seen partying at bars in Champaign and playing basketball while impersonating him. Kim told the News-Gazette that he tells people he actually is Kim Jong-un – and people buy it.”

Grandmother tries to spite heirs by shredding $1 million fortune: “AN AUSTRIAN woman, 85, cut up almost a million euros into tiny pieces in an apparent attempt to spite her heirs, authorities said on Thursday. After the woman died in a retirement home, the 950,000 euros as well as savings accounts books were found shredded on her bed, prosecutors said. State prosecutor Erich Habitzl confirmed the discovery — first reported in the Kurier Daily — but said there was nothing he could do for the relatives. Kurier reported however that the woman’s surviving family will have the last laugh, with Austria’s central bank (OeNB) saying it will replace all the cash. “If the heirs can only find shreds of money and if the origin of the money is assured, then of course it can all be replaced,” Friedrich Hammerschmidt, deputy head of the OeNB cashier division, told Kurier. “If we didn’t pay out the money then we would be punishing the wrong people.”

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  1. Remember what the minimum wage was then and how few creature comforts and safety equipment was on those vehicles.

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