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Odd news from around the world

Body language expert reveals how you can appear more confident and attractive with just a simple head tilt: “The difference between getting the date or getting the job can often be down to one thing: confidence. Now Tonya Reiman, 45, a New York-based body language expert, has revealed her tips and tricks for achieving the perfect level of cool confidence. Although some of the tips are more obvious than others, some of the more subtle gestures that can make a huge difference may surprise you. Tonya recommends taking a deep breath and allowing the facial muscles to relax, as well as controlling the urge to take shallow breaths which, when coupled with the occasional deep breath, convey anxiousness. Probably one of the more obvious additions on Tonya’s list is straight posture – but not for all the reasons one might think. Aside from the fact that standing tall has a big effect on how people perceive you, Tonya adds that it sees that ‘more oxygen is released to the brain, which in turn makes you feel healthier and livelier”

Woman, 47, gives birth to her first child – one hour after she found she was pregnant: “A 47-year-old woman found out she was pregnant just one hour before she gave birth to a healthy baby girl after going to the hospital because she was suffering from severe abdominal pain. Judy Brown, from Beverly, Massachusetts, attributed her growing stomach to weight gain and the physical changes that went along with her pregnancy to her entering the ‘next phase of life’. But after her stomach pain became unbearable, she and her 48-year-old husband Jason, went to Beverly Hospital on Wednesday and learned she was pregnant for the first time. The new mom told WCVB that after a physical exam her doctor told her: ‘It’s good news, you don’t have any blockages or anything. You are pregnant – and you are going to have her now.’ Just an hour later, Judy and Jason welcomed their healthy eight-pound daughter, Carolyn Rose, into the world.”

Burly footballers amazed by rival’s incredible skills on the pitch – when ‘he’ removes wig and make-up to reveal she’s a woman: “This is the hilarious moment two strapping defenders discover the man who has been running rings round them is actually a woman. The pair’s jaws drop when pretty Brenda Perez takes off her wig and fake beard as she prepares to take a free-kick after coming on as a substitute and leaving her opponents speechless with her skills. The footage was filmed as part of an experiment for Spanish TV show El Hormiguero to ‘destroy some of the myths’ around women’s football. Brunette Brenda, a 21-year-old professional footballer, agreed to a seven-hour make-up session to turn herself into Dani Perez and take part in a non-league match in Madrid with 21 other men. Only the referee and the manager of the side she played for knew her real identity which as it is still early on in the season in Spain and she turned out for an amateur team used to seeing new faces, was not so much of a problem.” [Soccer’s a form of dancing anyway]

Rabbit takes on angry serpent and comes out on top: “Pictures show the incredible battle between a snake and a rabbit who do battle in a ten-minute stand off at nature reserve in Colorado. The bullsnake is one of the largest species in America, so when it came across the rabbit in the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Denver, Colorado, its first thought was to strike out at the animal. Rabbits would usually run away from bullsnakes, which count them as one of the staples of their diet, although this one stood its ground and fought. The serpent lunges at the rabbit, launching its fangs towards it in the hope of getting a grip on the mammal so the constrictor can squeeze the life out of it. But the rabbit dances around the strikes, expertly dodging its efforts in a life and death battle that lasted around ten minutes. But after the ten-minute stand off, it is the rabbit who emerges victorious, standing its ground and forcing the snake to slither off.

The most amusing complaints from cruise passengers revealed: “A number of cruise travel sites have revealed some of the wackiest complaints or requests they have received, including one woman moaning that the sea was too loud and another accusing the captain of not warning him about seasickness. A Celebrity Cruises passenger asked for a full refund because she didn’t see any celebrities on board. Another was not impressed with the sand on the beach on an excursion. They said that the brochure had shown an image of it as yellow, but when they arrived they found it was white. An unhappy woman made her views known that topless sunbathers on the beach should be banned, as her husband had spent all holiday staring at other women. And yet another was disappointed that the ship didn’t resemble the Titanic and they should have been warned beforehand. One man said: ‘I looked on Yelp and saw there were only three reviews for this ship most likely because the rest of the people who travelled on this ship probably jumped overboard and swam back to shore.'”

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